It was Juno’s third birthday on the 16th June. Where does the time go? It feels like only yesterday she was cute and I could move her around with one hand… now it takes two hands and a lot of muscle to get her to do anything.

I feel like I post a lot of pictures of Juno both here and on Instagram, however, I won’t apologise and I’d suggest you avert your eyes if you don’t like it because it’s going to happen now and I can guarantee it will happen again, and again, and again.

Here are a few choice snap shots of Juno and a couple of her sisters and one of her brothers… and her mum and dad.


This is Juno’s mama; Lola.
Juno with her mama – her brother, Shadow, is wandering off already!
This is Shadow and his little sister Millie, who is so similar to Juno it’s the cutest.
It was a hot day!!
Our little Juno.
Juno’s sister, Nell.






This is a thing; try to take a picture of a beagle… get it’s butt.
Juno’s poppa with the stick; Nuckie




running beagle


Juno’s mama having a roll in the grass!

We have managed to get the dogs together once a year so far and I’m looking forward to making it a tradition for a long time! Sadly not all the dogs could make it but it was still a lovely day out with the pack!

Without getting all soppy I have wanted a dog for my entire life. I’ve always been more of an animal person than a people person – I understand most animals and feel like I’m practically Dr Doolittle. For real, though.

Juno and I communicate on a level that often needs no words. We have this unspeakable language, which is all about the eyes. Yes, you heard me. Or saw me… Sometimes when Juno wants something she’ll use her paws to show me. Hitting a door with a violent shove that would land a human in jail for anti social behaviour. This works well for her but the eye language we have is even more special. We both tell each other where we want the other to go; she looks at me and then to the seat I’m sitting in which is her telling me she wants to sit where I am and, so, wants me to leave. I look at her and then at the ground; telling her she’s a dog and must act like one.

We’ll even have silent fights where we just stare at each other, non verbally accusing the other of doing something we didn’t enjoy; me the fact she’d just tried to shove me out of my seat and her for the fact I’d tried to cuddle her and she didn’t enjoy it. At all.

Yes, the joys of having a dog – something I’ve dreamt about since being a child… only to have picked the dog who doesn’t like being stroked, would rather drink the water from your glass rather than her bowl and the one who would rather eat cherry tomatoes than dog biscuits.

And yet I’m glad I found her.

Soppy blog over… until next year.


Where have I been?

stairs in parkSunlight through treesCarved tree stumpIvy covered tree trunk

Not away, that’s for sure, these pictures are from my walk home from work the other day. I’m sharing them with you because it perfectly segways into the reason I’ve taken a few weeks off from blogging – I’ve changed jobs!

I have mentioned it on other social media and potentially here (?) before but I’m now three weeks into the new career and loving it.

My last job, which I was in for 10 years, was doing admin type work mixed in with customer services, client relationship management, project management blah blah blah. Which was fun for a while and filled with great people but at the end of it all I wasn’t being paid that much, there was no real scope for getting more money and the responsibilities were being pilled on year after year. I’m sure you know the drill if you work in an office!

Blogging and writing was always a great escape from that life. I was able to go home and do something FUN. FOR ME. It didn’t take away the mental anguish of being stuck in a job that wasn’t helping me grow as a human, however, it did help me manage said anguish better.

Looking back over the past 3 weeks working in my new job I have loved going to work and doing new things and learning so much about the internet (which has been an obsession of mine since Teen Chat days) but when I’ve been getting home I’ve been tired (that’s mostly due to hay fever – it’s been kicking my ass and making me drowsy) and unmotivated to do anything creative at home.

I finally realized WHY. Because I don’t need to do creative projects to escape the mundane job I used to have! Wow, I know – what a revelation. But it’s true. I have been mentally beating myself up for not wanting to turn my computer on when I get home and go through blog posts (which I have been writing but not posting) and not finishing stories and not emailing agents and not setting up my Etsy shop…

I know I could remain on this inactive train for a while whilst I enjoy creativity at work but that was never the plan and now I’ve given myself some psychoanalysis and found where the brain-worm has been hiding and it’s time to laser that thing out.

Yes. I’m back. And actually starting to feel more creative than ever!



My first time using Airbnb!

I did it. I popped my AirBnB cherry.

When I went to London, for my birthday [what’s this? The previous post all about THE HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR?], my and my boyfriend decided to stay in an AirBnB apartment instead of trying to find a good, affordable, hotel in the area we wanted to stay.

I’m sure you know London is pretty vast. It’s a great city but it’s expensive and there are some bad areas and even worse hotels [trust me, I’ve stayed in them], so despite it not really being any cheaper in an apartment I at least got to pick a place based on REAL pictures of the rooms and REAL reviews from the folks who had stayed previously.

This is the place we picked, just for reference:

cool apartmentcool apartmentrecord playerrustic kitchencool storagefireplace with mirrordesk space

As you can see, I picked a pretty cool place just off Portobello road.

I suppose you’re wondering if it all went well and if I’d use Airbnb again? Because I TOTALLY would. I don’t know if I’d ever stay in a hotel again, really. I’ve never been one for hotels, I don’t know why. I feel like I have to follow rules – what time you can eat breakfast. What time you have to leave so they can clean you room etc. I dislike it! Especially when they insist on cleaning your room and taking your towels every day which is a total waste of resources!

Rant about hotels over, I LOVE the fact you get to stay in places that have as much or as little character as you’d like. You can see the totally honest reviews from the people who have stayed before and you are in total contact with the owner all the time, which means you can ask them for help if you need it. The whole deal runs off the back of reviews and both the owners of the property and the ‘renters’ are on the chopping block. Bad service? Bad review and people are less likely to stay. Bad tenant? You might not get to stay in another person’s home in the future! I like it! I’m sure people have had bad experiences but I really enjoyed the experience.

I’d visit the same apartment again in the future and I’m now going to use Airbnb next time I’m going anywhere! [FYI: Japan has some really cool places…]

What do you think? Is it something you’d do or is it something you’ve done? Let me know in the comments!



Top 5 reasons to visit Harry Potter London Studio Tour

That’s right, it finally happened! I went to London last week for my birthday and in order to celebrate turning… an age… my boyfriend and I visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour and had THE TIME OF OUR LIVES.

Naturally I took a lot of pictures and by a lot I mean… my phone was so full of them I wasn’t even allowed to view them without deleting some [I’m getting a new phone soon, shhh]. I suppose that’s my own fault for being too lazy to take my actual camera with me.

Before I show you the pictures I thought I’d highlight my top 5 things from the tour – which is difficult to do!

  1. The Great Hall is GREAT! You walk in and you feel like you could be in the movie. I had to stop myself from running through screaming ‘Troll in the dungeon” [there is no need to point out how much of a geek I am].
  2. The trinkets and props! Each item when you walk through is just so perfect and, whilst the displays are kind of all over the place, it’s nice you get to stumble upon them here and there. I’m sure I missed little things just due to them being tucked away like all good things in Hogwarts are. I’ll definitely go back just to re-explore.
  3. The sets and costumes are all great, however, the Potions set is my favourite. It’s dark, it’s cool and the potions are all stirring themselves which, whilst not that impressive, still made me happy.
  4. I thought I’d like the costumes more than I did, to be honest, but the real gem was the creature effects department and the art department. The planning and the intricate design for everything is out of this world. The people involved with all of that work are geniuses.
  5. Hogwarts Castle. They save it until the end and then you walk into the room where the model is and BAM! It’s the icing on the cake, really. I could sit in that room and look at the castle for hours and not get bored.


I kind of feel bad that Diagon Alley, The Forbidden Forrest , Number 4 and The Knight Bus didn’t make the list. Rest assured they are brilliant, as well.

Honourable mention also has to go to the green screen broom flying section – you get to sit on a broom and act like you’re flying over London. Whilst HIGHLY embarrassing it’s still amusing though I’ll warn you – buying the pictures and video is expensive and they don’t tell you the prices until you’re at the counter! Sneaky.

If you ever get a chance to go PLEASE do it. It is actually magical!

Now, without further ado, you get to see all the pictures I have to share [which are of OK quality] because it was SO GOOD, you guys!

chess piece

Slytherin Uniform

Hogwarts staff

Hagrid and Filtch


The Great Hall

Ron's dress robesHarry Potter costumesHarry Potter costumesGryffindor common roomHarry Potter wigsQuidditch costumes

Gryffindor dormPotions class roompotions class roomhagrids hutWeasley's kitchenMalfoy MannorUmbridge's office

Mirror of ErisedDragon SkeletonEntrance to Dumbledore's officeHogwarts ClockPhilosopher's stoneHarry Potter Golden Egg20170601_151938Golden SnitchEntrance to Chamber of Secrets ford angliaborgin and burkes20170601_160337gilderoy lockhartfantastic beasts and where to find thema history of magic

thestral 20170601_172645merperson 20170601_172138Harry Potter prosthetic20170601_171933Book of monsters buckbeak forbidden forest

potter's cottage in godric's hollowHogwarts bridge number 4 privet drive20170601_170714knight bus20170601_163738hogwarts express ron and lavender 4evaGringottspotions shopdiagon alleyflourish and blotts diagon alleyOllivandersWeasley's wizarding wheezesHarry Potter art 20170601_17365620170601_173746Harry Potter art department Hogwarts Castle20170601_17412320170601_174319Hogwarts Castle20170601_174656


I’m sorry there were so many pictures – I didn’t want to break it up by doing a part one and part two!



May Goals Recap

The end of May has arrived! Which means… MY BIRTHDAY has also arrived [1st of June, send your gifts ASAP!] but more on that later!

I figured why not do a little recap of those goals I set to see how well I did… I’m sure we can all agree that May came and went quickly! I had a lot of changes in May and so it’s just whizzed right on by!

Let’s see how I did…

  1. Get my Etsy shop up and running. I haven’t DONE it but it’s almost done so I’m OK with that. I had a few issues with some of the stock and so I need to fix that before I can start listing. June, guys! I promise! 
  2. Finish Etta part 2 and self publish. Nope. I mean, I’ve almost finished the first draft but I’m still getting through it! Like I said; busy month!
  3. Bike. I got my bike out of storage!! I haven’t had a chance to take it on the roads yet but I did dust it down, realign the seat and pump up the tires, which I think counts as half an accomplishment!
  4. Get my office partially sorted out.  No, guys. NO! Let’s not talk about it. I got my new computer but the office is still out of bounds… 
  5. Just finish the last parts of my first full length novel so I can submit it. I’ve been too scared, again. I have this issue where I’m scared. Not of failure but kind of success. Not that I think I’ll succeed any more than anyone else but.. argh. It’s hard to explain. I’m almost there, though… almost. 

So I didn’t do GREAT but I’m still plodding on. I’ll do a half yearly recap of my year’s goals soon.



Outfit of the day [Basic Sam] and note to self

My Blog Queen, The Dainty Squid, recently wrote a post which was a little note to self about body image and it really stuck with me. I’ve re-read it a few times because it’s so simple and straight forward it makes me feel better.

I’m an advocate for NOT striving to be thin or lose weight for the sake of fitting into other people’s expectations of beauty and so, just for the sake of reminding myself, I thought I’d do a similar post.



If I ever remembered where I put my camera charger I could take better pictures! Ignoring the fact that these are awfully grainy and my roots are atrocious this is just me. Nothing fancy. This is one of my usual, casual, outfits which I feel would be one of the outfits my superhero action figure would wear if I were an actual superhero [shhh…].


I’m not one for jewellery, despite the fact I buy it every now and then, but I do love this necklace I got. I love geo-jewellery and this one is small and cute and goes with almost everything.


Honest alert; I’m a vegan and still wear my leather jacket. Most people laugh and say what I would consider snide/mean things about my personal life choices when they find this out, like me makes me less of a good person, however, this jacket is the most expensive thing I have ever bought myself [outside of cameras and computers] and so it might take me a while to part with it. Eventually I’ll donate this to someone else and buy a fake one [from a sustainable company, thank you very much!].


If this doesn’t show you who I am I don’t know what will; these little belt/buckle features should be done up, however, they always come undone so I’ve stopped doing it. Utter laziness!


Does anyone manage to keep their Converse clean? I have worn them all my life and I’m sad they are a terrible company for being ethical. I’m going to have to find a new brand to wear eventually.


Just dancing with the love of my life. I feel odd looking at pictures of my ENTIRE body. How strange is that? I think I’m an odd shape, which is silly. I did laugh when I looked back at this picture – my little Juno dancing with me. wp-1496088151598.

I have always wanted to do pictures of outfits. It’s something I enjoy looking at on other people’s blogs but I always felt like I couldn’t do it myself because I’m not a slim person. STUPID, right?

My body has never really been a big cause for concern. I don’t hate it but I don’t always love it, either. Over the past year my liking for it has slipped a little and it’s understandable. I stopped working out due to being tired a lot and not enjoying aspects of my life which made me feel even more drained than I already was. I even stopped doing yoga, which is just silly because it’s one of the best things I have in my life.

So here is a reminder to myself; You do not have to be ‘thin’ to wear nice clothes. You do not have to exercise to feel good but you do feel good when you do it. You do not have to compare yourself to anyone else. You can be that person everyone admires for their self confidence when they need to look to someone else for strength.

I don’t have small thighs. I don’t have a flat stomach. I don’t have toned arms. That’s cool. I’m a writer, I’m not an athlete. Bodies change and that’s cool. BE HEALTHY.



TOP: ASOS Jumper in Stripe with Oval Tan Elbow Patch – currently £14

Jeans: OASIS ‘Cherry’ slim leg – £55 [and not worth it anymore now the price has gone up. Time to jump back into jean-buying mode…]

Jacket: Warehouse Leather Biker Jacket [no longer available but THIS is similar]

Shoes: Converse Classic All Stars – £45

Necklace: One of a kind from Mickey’s store on Etsy [go and show her some love if you live in the US, OK?]

Tea Mode [with discounts]

Whilst it’s VERY true, I love coffee, I’m also a HUGE lover of tea. Any kind of tea. Just give me all the tea!

My tea stock is currently running a little bit low so I thought I’d do a quick recap of the tea that I’ve been drinking recently – I’m also going to say this RIGHT NOW: I’m going to be adding some links to the Twinings website where they currently have an offer on for 20% off, ending TOMORROW! If you use the link and happen to purchase something I will get a fee.

With that out of the way let’s move onto the actual tea.

I don’t solely drink Twinings tea, in fact, I usually only have one or two boxes of their tea in my stock at a time as I like to try lots of different brands for fun. That being said here is what I’m currently drinking from their selection:


Twinings green tea is actually one that I almost always have because it’s a firm fave. It’s not too bitter and, if you’re a heathen like me, you can leave the tea bag in for the entirety of the cup and not feel like you’ve just eaten tea leaves.

The Lemon Trio is equally delish. I usually like to just have hot water and lemon but, recently, I’ve been forgetting I have lemon in the fridge and then it’s too late to use it so, whilst I’m being forgetful, I decided to invest in lemon tea. Every time I drink it I feel like I’ve been very healthy and it reminds me of summer for some reason!

The China Rose if a new one for me. I love rose flavoured everything and I have had some fancy rose tea before. This is very delicate and you can’t steep the bag for too long because you do lose the freshness but it’s really nice if you just want something warm and not overly flavoured. It’s only a hint of rose but it’s good stuff!

Although I wasn’t going to go into the darjeeling you can see poking through in the pictures I’ll just comment and say YES it’s good… however, I have had far better darjeeling from bespoke tea companies so I’ve been spoilt a little bit with it. I drink the Twinings version and it’s lovely but it’s not the best one out there!

If you’d like to shop using the 20% off code I have please feel free to click:

logo.gif and use the code WEEKEND20

They’re now offering some ICED TEA options, which is always what I’m looking for so don’t miss out on those!

Now I’m going to tell you about a couple of NON Twinings teas which I have no affiliate links for, I’m afraid!

The first is Starbucks:


The Teavana range is my favourite of all their tea. I love the new flavours they brought out and I’ve been drinking them ever since… you know, when I’m not drinking all the espresso’s.

The Emperor’s clouds & mist is lovely. Like most of their tea you can’t leave it to steep for longer than 3 minutes as it goes very bitter, however, it’s refreshing and it feels like it’s cleansing your entire body so I love it! [The Youthberry tea is the one I drink the most, hence me not having any to show you…].

Finally, I was recently given this box of The Tea Makers flowering tea as a leaving gift from my work and the tea is delicious. Whilst I wish I’d picked a prettier one to photograph you only get 5 in a box and I didn’t want to waste one just for another picture but you’ll see from the images how it all works!

The result is a fresh, mellow, sweet tea which is so fun to make it’s hard not to use them all up in one day! I’m trying to be good, though.

I love any tea which flowers and this one is pretty damn good, if you ask me. I might be tempted to buy myself another box or try some of their matcha tea – they are quite costly… around £7 for 5 bulbs but my birthday is coming up so I might add something from their range to my list!


I hope you enjoyed this little tea-tour… see what I did there? Because I could have said detour… never mind.

I’m also going to try to do some coffee blogs soon so if you like this kind of thing… stick around!


Early evening light

I found myself wandering around my local town this evening just as the sun was starting to sink and I had to take some pictures because what else would you do? Well, for starters I did sit on a bench with Juno and read. I feel like people look at me like I’m odd for doing it but reading out in the open and NOT looking at a phone is a delight.

The one thing I like to do is look at the tops of the buildings. It sounds stupid but the shop fronts are, mostly, ugly. The tops of the buildings are the remnants of the original building and there are some stunning ones on the Main Street. 20170524_19434620170524_194424

See what I mean by ugly shop fronts? I just hate the look of most shop windows. However, please do spot my reading bench and also Starbucks, where I usually frequent and from where I was stealing free wi-fi. 20170524_194415

Early evening usually means the street is empty. All the shops were shut which makes it really peaceful. 20170524_194354


One of the nice things dotted around are the big flower displays. They’re in full bloom at the moment and whilst they do make me sneezy I do like the smell… as does Juno. She always tries to jump up and sniff them!20170524_195613

And here, in the middle of town, is one of the Edible Gardens which is for anyone to help themselves to. There is rhubarb growing, some strawberry plants and herbs. I actually love that we have these, despite the fact I’d be too self conscious to start picking things!! 20170524_194906


Whilst me and Juno were wandering I took some pictures of a few ‘urban’ areas in town. They’re tucked away and I really want to use them as back drops for some outfit pictures I was hoping to take. I don’t know. I might not do it because I’m not really a fashionista but I see some of my fave bloggers do it so…



I really wish I would remember to charge my good camera… maybe next time!



Twin Peaks is coming back!

I just want to start this blog post by saying this isn’t going to be a review, in the slightest! It will also, possibly, contain SPOILERS and so read on at your own peril…


My experiences of the original series is pretty recent. I only watched it, for the first time, about 6 or 7 years ago because I was too young when it was originally broadcasted. The only thing we were allowed to watch at that age which was ‘spooky’ was The X Files and that’s only because my dad loved it and we probably wouldn’t go to bed. That’s how I ended up watching a lot of scary films that I probably shouldn’t have been allowed to watch and possibly why I’m such an odd-ball-scary-movie-lover now!

Watching it as an adult was amazing. I got to appreciate the humour, the acting and the themes more than I would have done as a kid and rather than have it cast away in my memory it’s so fresh and still one of the best TV shows I’ve ever watched. It paved the way for so many other shows it’s just crazy.

Last night I stayed up late to watch the first two episodes of the new series and it was SO good. I would love to know people’s reactions if you hadn’t seen the original because, for me, it was a perfect jump back into a world I had hoped carried on in the absence of viewers. I feel like that’s what David Lynch has managed to do with the first two episodes; there’s no ‘previously on Twin Peaks’ moment. It’s just like we took a 25 year break and now everyone is older, tired, still going through the same old crap they were before Agent Cooper went into The Lodge.

The room with the box [this is where the spoilers will kick in] actually freaked me out a little bit. I really liked that aspect of the story as an aside. You got to see what was happening in Twin Peaks; Hawk just being the most bad ass deputy sheriff in town, as per usual, the Log Lady being as brilliant and ominous as before, Andy and Lucy being the kookiest couple [I mean… “he’s not even seen Wally”. Made me laugh more than it should have…] and The Lodge being as terrible a place as it ever was with no one even caring that speaking backwards is AWFUL and SCARY!!

In those first two episodes the glimpses of ‘business as usual’ are there to off set the ‘business isn’t as usual as you think’ moments – such as the room with the box.

I could go into the way David Lynch is a master of the uncanny and macabre but there are literally dozens of books about it so I’d advise you pick one up if you want to delve deeper in the mind who came up with BOB.


Now that the re-introduction is out of the way I’m really looking forward to learning more about the ‘demons’*, what happened to Audrey, who is the rich dude** running the experiments and where the heck is Truman and the rest of the Bookhouse Boys?

I think I actually have more questions than that but I’m more excited to just start watching it rather than pulling it apart so early on.

Let me know if you watched it and what your initial thoughts are – did you enjoy the lingering moments and extended periods of time where there was no dialogue? I’m a big fan of those things but I know others find them boring…




*If you could call them demons. It’s never really been spoken aloud but just assumed. I think, once you start accepting them as part of the world of Twin Peaks the whole ‘uncanny’ themes take off. It’s such a normal world but there’s so much of it that makes you think of it as an alternate reality. If you’ve watched Fringe – thoughts please! 

** assuming it’s a man…?