Crescent Moon Necklace

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I was recently contacted by this website to do an honest review of their silver jewellery and I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product! I will be honest, I wasn’t sure at first. I receive emails from companies that don’t seem quite legit and I’m picky about what kind of necklaces I wear, if any!

The one I selected was the most ‘me’, by way of it being a crescent moon and I’m a big hippy. From the images on the website I thought it was going to be too chunky and so when I opened the box, with a little help from Juno [did you notice?] I loved the fact it was so dainty!

The packaging is also nice; not just a box but this cute diamond shaped package which is black and sparkly. It was a nice treat for myself!

They have loads of different designs and types of jewellery so I would recommend having a look. No affiliate links, or anything – just a good old fashioned review!



*terrible photos at the moment. Getting a new camera soon… 



Pink, again!

I needed to re-bleach my roots a few days ago and, with the roots comes the whole question of what colour to pop on top of fresh hair. I’ve been wanting to go back to pink for a while and, whilst I love Manic Panic’s candy floss colour I wanted to give Arctic Fox a try because I know people rave about the brand [which is vegan].

Now, I was hoping to go pale pink again but, having no conditioner left to pastelize it, I just went whole hog…


I’ve always wanted to go full on bright colours but held back because it’s quite bold… obviously. I don’t particularly like having a lot of attention on me so the first day of having this hair was awkward. I love the colour, and how the dye made my hair soft, plus it was so easy to apply, gave great coverage and… well, this colour only took about 25-30 minutes to develop. That being said nothing prepared me for the looks you get!

Whenever I see someone with bright hair I love it; I never think anything negative etc. but having this hair has made me feel like other people look at me like I’m strange… The thing is, I don’t care if they do. That being said it’s still an odd feeling to get used to. Thankfully, after a day or two, I don’t worry about it that much because I keep seeing it in reflections of stuff and loving how insanely bright it is.

This isn’t a review, so much, but if you were looking to get a bright colour I’d say Arctic Fox is the quickest way to go about it! I can’t wait to see how it fades. I have hopes it goes orange/ peachy because that’s my next colour change anyway but we shall see!


Thrift Shop Look Book





I called this post ‘thrift store’ for all my American people but these three items are from local charity shops. The town I live in is full of charity shops and whilst you sometimes have to really LOOK for things these pieces jumped out at me right away.

First up; the striped jumper! It was £4 and a brand I’ve never heard of – Sweewe of Paris. The quality of the jumper is lovely. The fabric is heavy and a loose fit and exactly what I wanted. It was like it was waiting for me! I also love the slits on each side, it just adds an extra detail to a plain style.

The second item I got was an amazing cape/shawl/wrap/witches cloak. I mean… could I not be a Hogwarts teacher?! It was £6 and, whilst I don’t remember the brand [I’ll try to find out], it’s amazing. It looks so cool and elegant and, hopefully, I’ll wear it and look like an autumn warrior.

Lastly I found this Marks and Spencer’s trench coat, brand new, for £12. I remember looking to buy one of these last year for full price but not being sure about it. It’s lightweight but also keeps me warm which is amazing. Not waterproof, but what are you gonna do? It’s a stone/taupe colour so it kind of goes with most things and when is a trench not in style?!

Next I just need to find some winter boots! Wish me luck!

These items are all actually things I wanted for my minimalist wardrobe, which I’m slowly starting to build, and also tie in with my leave of absence from the fast fashion world!  If you want to read more about this kind of thing you can read a few of my old posts (linked) or why not visit The Good Shopping Guide’s post on Ethical Wardrobes?

Do you like shopping second hand?



My Skin Care

I’d just like to point out, from the off set, that this is obviously a post about my skin and so if you’re looking for help with your own this might be it but it also might not be!

I started having skin issues [dryness, spots etc] when I hit about 27. I’m 32 now so I’ve been in this phase of ‘bad skin’ for 5 years. I have always been lucky with my skin; I don’t go in the sun and I don’t wear a lot of products but, probably more importantly, I have good genetics when it comes to skin. My whole family has pretty decent complexions so I’ve never struggled with it growing up.

It was only when I got old[er] that it started to change. I have the usual hormone-chin, which plays up 3 out of 4 weeks a month but I also have the ‘stress’ zone in between my eyebrows – these are the places I get spots, anyway. I also started getting dryness on my forehead a few years ago which is fun!

I’ve never been one to use a lot of products – I don’t use foundation and I don’t go crazy with moisturiser. The better I eat the better my skin, generally, but these areas are wayward no matter what I do.

When I became vegan I didn’t notice a change in my skin because I’d already been a vegetarian. If it did change I couldn’t tell! I also drink about 2 litres of water a day so I’m kind of doing things ‘right’, if there is a right!

I don’t use soap on my face often – maybe once or twice a week but I did used to use face wipes religiously and eye make up remover every day. To say my eye lashes have thinned and the skin on my face has thinned is an understatement. I’m sure age has something to do with both of these things but I’m hardly that old so I started to wonder if it was these products – which I’ve used for a long time-  finally catching up with me.

I’d heard of other people using coconut oil for taking off make up and thought I’d give it a go. There are a lot of people out there both praising it and also saying it blocks pores and causes more spots. I’m one of the first people, I guess, but it’s because of my skin-type! Oil is oil; it’s not good for everyone’s situation!

I bought a pot of coconut oil a while ago and use it for cooking, sometimes, but a few months ago I started scooping it out [a tiny amount] and rubbing it all over my face and eye lashes to take off my makeup. Instead of using cotton wool and throwing it away [because I wanted to reduce my waste] I bought a flannel and I wipe the oil off with that, or a square of tissue paper.

From day one I noticed a change in my skin. I was waking up in the morning and I looked fresh and healthy. My eyes weren’t sore from left over eye make up remover and my chin was, if anything, less spotty. I’m a convert; I’ll never go back to chemicals to take my make up off again!

I do sometimes put MORE oil on my face before bed – I have a few broken capillaries and scars from old spots and so I use this oil before I get into bed; just patting Palmer’s oil on my head and chin before I go to sleep. It makes me feel like I’m doing something good for myself and my skin!
Finally, I have Thayers witch hazel & regularly use Lush toners which I use every few days, just to spritz my face if I feel like I need to take off any oil build ups; you know when you just feel like you need a pick me up?
With all of the above I only ever use water to wash my face and, if I need a scrub, I make my own with coconut oil and coffee or bi carb [a very small amount] to do a deeper clean or I use a good Lush one (like this Mask of Magniminty).



I honestly wake up these days and feel like my skin is going back to how it used to be. Sure, I wake up some days and my chin looks like a crime scene – ladies, you know what I mean! – but other than that, I’m one happy bunny!!

Give it a go if you’re looking to use more natural products!


ps. All links are affiliate links. You won’t be affected; I just might make some commission which would be nice, y’know?

Autumnal photo stream

I was planning on doing a particular post for autumn but I haven’t really had a chance to go out and take pictures.

What I do have, though, is a bunch of pictures ‘from the cutting room floor’ so… Enjoy.

This year autumn seems more green than ever before. Usually it’s orange and yellow and crisp leaves but the past month has be so mild and damp the trees and bushes are still, mostly, green. Our seasons are shifting. Global warming or, if you’d prefer, climate change is more evident than ever. It’s almost November and there has hardly been a chilly day. Most of my morning walks only require a light jacket. I’m not sure how I feel about this because I hate being cold but I also hate the fact that we’re screwing up nature.

This post turned more thoughtful than intended!


Vegan oatmeal cookies! 

I’ve always been a fan of cookies and cakes. Look, I’m not going to lie and say I wouldn’t  eat a whole cake in one sitting…

There are loads of vegan options for sweat treats out there but I resent spending a million pounds on them just to feel blargh afterwards (because they’re tooooo sweet, y’know?) so I tend to always have a fully stocked baking cupboard in my kitchen.

I got a little peckish today and wanted oatmeal and raisen cookies but, sadly, I ate all the raisens at breakfast. I know; first World problem.

I did manage to muddle these together, though. I’m calling them:

Vegan Oatmeal, coconut, vanilla, almond cookies… 

Before I give you the details I’m going to start off by warning – this isn’t like a normal, sticky, cookie dough. It’s dry but it will smoosh together! 

Preheat oven to 180c


1.5 cups of rolled oats

1 cup of plain flour

1/2 cup coconut flour

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp cinnamon

1 cup of light brown sugar

1/2 cup vegan butter

3 tbsp maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 almond extract

1 tbsp almond milk


There’s no magic order to do the next part. Get it all in a bowl and mix it however you want (I use a spoon but if you have a mixer, go to town!). 

Like I said, the mixture will be crumbly but you can gather it together to make balls. Whack them onto a lined baking tray (they don’t spread, much, so you can put them close together) and cook em for 15 minutes.

When they come out grab a fork and press them down lightly and then leave to cool… If you can wait. 


Try-day Friday

I recently found a super cool company called Dia & Co – a subscription service [in America] who will put together a box of clothes for you, based on your style. What you like you keep, what you don’t like you return. I mean… it sounds damn good to me!

Whilst I’m not subscribed to them [not sure if they ship to the UK] I still wanted to join in their Try-day Friday campaign.

Try-day Friday is their version of Bo-Po and I love it. They invite women to break out of their comfort zone every Friday. In their words:

How many times have you tried to create a fun outfit that is out of your comfort zone, only to get nervous at the last minute and change into a safer look?

It’s time to up our confidence and try new styles instead of the same go-to pieces.

Let’s face it – you have an outfit/item of clothing [or several] that you love but just don’t quite feel confident enough to wear out and about. Maybe you don’t, in which case I’m jealous! I am bo-po all the way but even I have days where I think ‘I can’t pull this off’.

Today I decided to challenge myself and I finally wore this dress from Heroesque:


Do I love it? Yes. Do I feel silly for not wearing it because I feel ‘fat’ or ‘not thin enough’? Yes. I hate the fact that this kind of thinking still creeps into my head even when I actually don’t care what other people think. Well, no more. I’m wearing this now and I’ll never not wear it again!

If you feel like joining in with this please do and tag me in your pictures!

Happy Try-day,




*this isn’t a paid blog post, thought it is an ad of sorts..!

So you want to write a novel?

I can’t believe I’m writing this but… it’s almost November, which means it’s almost time for National Novel Writing Month [NaNoWriMo from here on in]. I talk about this every year and this year is no exception.

NaNoWriMo is a big part of my life and has been for the past six years – this will be my seventh. A quick catch up; I always wanted to write books as a kid/young adult. I never thought I was smart enough, or whatever the teachers at my school treated me as [distracting? talkative? not able to pay attention long enough?], but one year I decided to give NaNoWriMo a go and here we are, seven years later, with seven fully completed novels under my belt as well as a few short novellas…

If you want to check out my NaNo page it’s here  and if you’re just interested in the cover of the story I’ll be working on it’s right here:

A Familiar Spirit.jpg

Making silly covers is a hobby of mine. Anywho, this one is actually the 2nd in a series. I wrote the first one in 2013 and I’m currently editing it so I know what the hell I’m supposed to be writing this year. Whoever thought I was lazy should really hang their heads in shame!

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be taking my notebook into my local coffee shop [who see me writing, blogging and drawing regularly enough for them to ignore me, phew] and planning out the rough story idea. The thing I don’t like to do too much of is getting into the nitty gritty. Some writers like to plan meticulously [have you ever seen JK Rowling’s Harry Potter plan? Wow!] but I’m a big fan of writing myself into and out of situations. My brain is pretty good at figuring things out along the way and I enjoy the freedom of making it up as I go along.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 19.22.41.png

Have you ever wanted to write a novel? Why not make this year the year you do it – it’s 50,000 words in the month of November [1667 per day] and if you make it to the end it’s fantastic. If you don’t? It doesn’t matter, you still got farther than you would have done!

So, who’s doing it? If you need help or want to chat about it hit me up, follow me on the site and make sure you’re following me on Instagram as I’ll be posting regularly on my progress!

Good luck!


A Very Etsy Halloween

Much like everyone else I LOVE Halloween. I don’t even love it for the parties, just for the vibe. Seeing people dressed up. The spooky snacks. Feeling like a witch the entire month of October. The decor. I want to swim in a pool filled with all of these things. It would hurt but I’d be happy.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any kind of wish list so here is a list of all the fun things I found on Etsy* recently which have made me happy and I want to buy… perhaps I will…

Halloween ring
I know it’s silly but I LOVE THIS! From RockCakes
Hocus Pocus Pin
I could not be more in love with this pin. I could build a whole collection around this pin. From TeesAndTankYouShop


mouse with pumpkin
WHY DON’T I OWN THIS ALREADY? Sadly this is sold out but check out all the others From  HappyMouses
Halloween mask
This mask is perfect – I’m a Slytherin, in case you were wondering. From GoblinsHoard
I will always have a lifelong obsession with halloween prosthetics. From prettygrimmFX
This headband glows in the dark. I’ve just realised the seller is local. IN LOVE. From JanineBasil
Ghost t-shirt
I’m pale enough to be… From IrekApparel
Witches be trippin
I love t-shirts so much. Witches are always trippin’… people with their brooms. From ByBellaRooCreations
Pumpkin t-shirt
Pumpkins are my spirit animal. From KoolstuffdesignsCo


Skeleton Dog
If I could get Juno to dress up…! From EllieEllieltd



Hope you enjoy this beauties. Some of them I think I’ll just HAVE to buy… I don’t think I can live without a tiny felt mouse any longer!!

Happy Halloween!


*Note; these are affiliate links. Nothing untoward is going on; just the usual! If you want to buy something I’ve linked I will get commission. Saving up for Christmas, guys! 😛