Twin Peaks is coming back!

I just want to start this blog post by saying this isn't going to be a review, in the slightest! It will also, possibly, contain SPOILERS and so read on at your own peril... My experiences of the original series is pretty recent. I only watched it, for the first time, about 6 or 7 … Continue reading Twin Peaks is coming back!


The return of TV gold!

I know what you're thinking - Buffy is back! Alas, no. That would be something; basically anything Joss Whedon has made should be on TV forever and for all time but that's a post for another day. [Maybe one day the spin off for Buffy I was writing a script treatment for will become real, … Continue reading The return of TV gold!

Twin Peaks… here again?

Twin Peaks - the brain child of David Lynch and the brain-melting show that captivated a generation whilst simultaneously creating a dark creature of the night that has the power to creep up on you 25 years later. Or so we thought. Twin Peaks was the first of it's kind - something I think a lot … Continue reading Twin Peaks… here again?