Why I won’t watch Breaking Bad

Everyone tells me I need to watch Breaking Bad. I tell those people to go to hell. It's not that I hate doing what people tell me to d... oh, wait. OK, so I hate it when people tell me what to do, but that's just one reason why I won't watch the show. I've seen … Continue reading Why I won’t watch Breaking Bad


Kick Ass Woman – Anna Silk

My kick ass woman of the week is Anna Silk... OK, OK... she's basically my kick ass woman of the past few years and always on my woman-crush-wednesday list (even when it's not Wednesday). If this face is new to you then I'm glad I could introduce you. I could have picked a saucier picture because she's … Continue reading Kick Ass Woman – Anna Silk

Twin Peaks… here again?

Twin Peaks - the brain child of David Lynch and the brain-melting show that captivated a generation whilst simultaneously creating a dark creature of the night that has the power to creep up on you 25 years later. Or so we thought. Twin Peaks was the first of it's kind - something I think a lot … Continue reading Twin Peaks… here again?