Scream TV show // Season 1 review [Spoiler Free]

Scream... a TV show about a classic 90's slasher movie... to say I was on the fence is an understatement. I remember seeing the trailer and being excited and then my excitement fizzled away when I remembered how these sorts of shows really like to stick to the cliché of high school hierarchy with precocious … Continue reading Scream TV show // Season 1 review [Spoiler Free]


Currently Watching // TV shows

Are you like me and watch a million shows at once (that's how it feels, anyway). Ever since I was a kid, in fact I can't remember a time when I wasn't watching a few things at once, I have had an obsession with keeping up with multiple TV shows. It used to be harder … Continue reading Currently Watching // TV shows

The return of TV gold!

I know what you're thinking - Buffy is back! Alas, no. That would be something; basically anything Joss Whedon has made should be on TV forever and for all time but that's a post for another day. [Maybe one day the spin off for Buffy I was writing a script treatment for will become real, … Continue reading The return of TV gold!

Why I won’t watch Breaking Bad

Everyone tells me I need to watch Breaking Bad. I tell those people to go to hell. It's not that I hate doing what people tell me to d... oh, wait. OK, so I hate it when people tell me what to do, but that's just one reason why I won't watch the show. I've seen … Continue reading Why I won’t watch Breaking Bad