Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

I'm still on the path of learning more about tarot and reading the deck/spread with a little more ease. Sadly, right now, I'm relying on the book I have and my instinct with hopes that, eventually, it will become easier and I won't have to refer to the book so much! Today I did my … Continue reading Celtic Cross Tarot Reading


3 Card Tarot Reading

I intended to do at least one reading a month so I could plot my results but I've already missed January! Still, we plod on, eh? Tarot readings are obviously personal and sharing them is kind of like sharing pages of a diary but, I mean, isn't that what a blog is all about? I … Continue reading 3 Card Tarot Reading

Welcome back with Tarot!

It's finally December! I bet you're delighted to be reading this blog again! If you're just stumbling onto this now the jist of it is that I've taken a month off from blogging as I was working on not one but two projects for NaNoWriMo - one of them being the start of a novel and … Continue reading Welcome back with Tarot!

3 card tarot spread

I have been meaning to start a little tarot spread series for a while but never quite get around to taking the time to do it. I'm not sure how many of these I'll post but I'm a believer in Tarot for the development of inner understanding. I have a pretty decent 'third eye' but … Continue reading 3 card tarot spread