Social Media Updates [aka Goodbye, Scumbag Sam]

As part of the new year and wanting to work on this blog I decided I wanted to smooth out my online 'brand'. Urgh. I hate using that word but it is what it is. I am in the process of weening myself off social media for personal life stuff [not fully, just taking a … Continue reading Social Media Updates [aka Goodbye, Scumbag Sam]

De-cluttering social media

  Hi, my name's Sam and I am a social media addict. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. That's where I find I spend/waste most of my time because it's 2016 and why not? Except I find social media is quite draining. Particularly when you do what I do and you collect people. I tend to hit … Continue reading De-cluttering social media

“Hey, I’d love it if you…”

Using the internet so much to do all the social media things you may have noticed you get the odd 'strange' person giving you really over the top praise followed by the dreaded 'Hey! I do this too! I'd love it if you...' <Insert whatever request you want here> I've seen it in all the … Continue reading “Hey, I’d love it if you…”