Dream DIY Projects

For the longest time I've wanted to MAKE things. Real things with my hands rather than stories, y'know. I've been busy planning projects because I'm going to be getting my office/crafting space sorted soon which means the sewing machine will be brought out and dusted off! You may have guessed it; this is another Pinterest-heavy … Continue reading Dream DIY Projects


Outfit Porn

We all use Pinterest for the same things, right? Decorating rooms, hair style goals and outfit porn... As much as we all must have a million boards for different things I refuse to believe you don't have at least one board for clothes. I hate shopping but DAMN do I love looking at clothes on … Continue reading Outfit Porn

Home Decorating Dreams

I'm currently in the process of buying my very first home. It's a small flat just around the corner from my current place of work (Urgh) and down the road from my family home. Ever since Pinterest came into being my life was complete. I've always been an idea hoarder (note books filled with thoughts … Continue reading Home Decorating Dreams