Little Moments

Whilst I've been planning blog posts sometimes it's nice to just look at the little moments that didn't make it into other blogs. Whilst there are only a few and you may have seen them on Instagram I wanted to share them here. Often pictures I take are deemed rubbish and not fit for public … Continue reading Little Moments



It's been a while since I've been to Ireland and I've only ever been to Dublin once when I was a kid so going back was a blast from the past. I went with my sister and her husband to see Nashville in concert [aka the actors from Nashville singing songs from the show]. Manchester … Continue reading PHOTOSTREAM: DUBLIN


I'm always walking and today I managed to hit my 10k step count before 9am. Hollaaa! The great thing about walking so early is that it's so quiet. There's hardly anyone around, even in the local dog park, which is nice. Don't get me wrong, I love it when the other dog walkers appear because … Continue reading PHOTOSTREAM: River Walk

PHOTOSTREAM // Dubrovnik

Yes, this is just over two weeks late but did I mention my computer died? Anywho, here are the pictures I've been hoarding! Hope you enjoyed the few I managed to upload. I have more but... did I mention my computer died? It's kinda impossible to upload the big files to this chrome book!! Sam … Continue reading PHOTOSTREAM // Dubrovnik

Exploring Local Areas!

If you're anything like me you might realise you follow the same routes every day. We're all creatures of habit, right? You walk the same paths, drive the same roads [unless you're a travellin' man or something...] and see the same things. Now the weather is getting better I'm getting out more and trying to … Continue reading Exploring Local Areas!

PROJECT 365: DAYS 103-110

Last week was quite a week and full of highs and lows - I tried my best to capture the days despite not really feeling like it. Sometimes real life is just too real. Despite the bummer I've just delivered please find my week in pictures below: This might not be a big deal to most but … Continue reading PROJECT 365: DAYS 103-110

PROJECT 365: DAYS 96-102

This past week has been both good and bad. Lots of stresses with regards to moving house but at the moment I'm feeling like it's all going ok so here are some pictures!   Tuesday was my 7 year anniversary with my boyfriend which I wrote a soppy post about here! It's nice to be … Continue reading PROJECT 365: DAYS 96-102

PROJECT 365: DAYS 88-95

I guess it's safe to say I'm doing terribly with pictures at the moment. I blame this chesty cough/ sinus inflammation which is killing me. I honestly struggle to make it through the day so taking pictures isn't a huge priority. Getting there, though. Here are a few, anyway!   A friend sent me this … Continue reading PROJECT 365: DAYS 88-95

Cemetery Walk

When you spend a lot of time on the internet you learn how many people have the same interests as you do. Ever since I was little I've loved cemetery's. I'm not a fan of visiting family graves because that's not my bag but I do love the peacefulness of them. There are a few lovely ones … Continue reading Cemetery Walk

PROJECT 365: DAYS 81-87

You know I'm sure I'm counting the days wrong but at this point in my life it doesn't really matter! I've been out for the count this past week so not many pictures have been taken - the view was always the same. The TV. The couch. Bed. So here are a few from last … Continue reading PROJECT 365: DAYS 81-87