Outfit of the day // Letterman Jacket

I have always loved letterman jackets. Probably because I grew up watching every US TV show set in a highschool... When I finally found this one, years ago, on ASOS I was so happy. I'm pretty sure I got it in the men's department (I get a LOT of my clothes from men's departments because … Continue reading Outfit of the day // Letterman Jacket


Try-day Friday

I recently found a super cool company called Dia & Co - a subscription service [in America] who will put together a box of clothes for you, based on your style. What you like you keep, what you don't like you return. I mean... it sounds damn good to me! Whilst I'm not subscribed to them … Continue reading Try-day Friday

Outfit Porn

We all use Pinterest for the same things, right? Decorating rooms, hair style goals and outfit porn... As much as we all must have a million boards for different things I refuse to believe you don't have at least one board for clothes. I hate shopping but DAMN do I love looking at clothes on … Continue reading Outfit Porn