Wishing for spring

It's too early to be hopeful for warmer weather, I know, but that doesn't stop me from seeking out every single flower I see. Spring can't come fast enough, I hate the winter so much. Not only has this season been awfully cold but it's been so wet and miserable I can't abide it anymore. … Continue reading Wishing for spring


Autumnal photo stream

I was planning on doing a particular post for autumn but I haven't really had a chance to go out and take pictures. What I do have, though, is a bunch of pictures 'from the cutting room floor' so... Enjoy. This year autumn seems more green than ever before. Usually it's orange and yellow and … Continue reading Autumnal photo stream

Nature’s patterns

I notice patterns in almost everything; patterns in words I read and the way text spans a page. If you look at the characters printed rather than reading them you see how they make shapes on the paper. I always feel like there is meaning in the way the text sits; a hidden message I … Continue reading Nature’s patterns