New Flat Tour!

I've been in my new place for just over a week now and, whilst we have some furniture in the rest of the place is still pretty bare. Still, there's no point not posting pictures now - at least I'll have something to compare it to when we have everything just the way we want it! I … Continue reading New Flat Tour!


Thoughts on moving

One day soon I won't mention the laborious task of moving house and I'll pepper you with posts about decorating and/or feng shui but for now... In all seriousness moving house is the 'most stressful time of your life' and I, for one, thought I'd be the exception. How many other people out there thought … Continue reading Thoughts on moving

Miss Sentimental

I am sentimental about a lot of things. It's terrible, really. I wish I were sentimental about things that really matter; people, memories, places... alas, I'm not. I'm the worst kind; a hoarder. I keep things that have no use for the sake of the 'memory', like if I don't have this movie stub I'll … Continue reading Miss Sentimental