New skincare essentials

Despite being under the weather for a lot of this month I feel like I really nailed my skin! Put it down to a lot of water, eating a lot of fruit and veg to try to feel better and a lot of steam baths with essential oils! Of course, what I put on my … Continue reading New skincare essentials


My Skin Care

I'd just like to point out, from the off set, that this is obviously a post about my skin and so if you're looking for help with your own this might be it but it also might not be! I started having skin issues [dryness, spots etc] when I hit about 27. I'm 32 now … Continue reading My Skin Care

Cruelty Free Beauty/Make Up

I'm still on my quest to CF my makeup bag and life, in general. It's not like going vegan [where you can do it in a day], it takes time to learn about products and companies, which I'm sure you'll know all about if you've ever done it. I have a few items I've been … Continue reading Cruelty Free Beauty/Make Up

Silicone free shampoo

You may or may not have heard about the 'no poo' trend. I tried it for a few weeks; it basically just implies you won't use shampoo to wash your hair [because it strips your natural oils] but either use home made shampoo which consists of baking soda or something and a few other ingredients … Continue reading Silicone free shampoo

LUSH ‘Haul’

The term 'haul' makes me feel odd, I don't know why. It's like I'm saying 'Oh wow, look what I have - so much frivolous spending, la-di-da'... I don't think that when other people say it, just to clarify, it's just me being strange as usual. For my birthday last year my boyfriend gave me … Continue reading LUSH ‘Haul’