Things I’ve been enjoying recently!

Just a little photostream of the good things recently. It's that time of the year where everything is reaching the peak of it's growth from summer and we're slipping towards Autumn. I always notice the flowers around where I live because there's so much effort put into making sure the whole town is blooming [legit … Continue reading Things I’ve been enjoying recently!


PROJECT 365: DAYS 26-31

I missed a day, I know I missed a day but at the time I was sure I hadn't. Oh well, you live you forget to take pictures... that's the saying, right? I've had a bad week (work is just ARGH inducing) mixed with a great weekend for doing things. I cleaned my car  and I tidied up … Continue reading PROJECT 365: DAYS 26-31

Got Ambition?

Ambition (n) ; a strong desire to do or achieve something. Something that is almost always encouraged and yet, somehow, almost always frowned upon. It's too easy to go into the complexities of male vs. female ambition but feel free to comment about it because YES. I am a very ambitious person but, maybe strangely, not … Continue reading Got Ambition?

The big 3-0

Two things happened recently. I followed my own advice and unplugged. It gave me time and clarity and also an itch to get back to internet work. I also turned 30. Even writing that felt BIG. I am a 30 year old woman. I'm not a kid any more, guys, I'm a fully fledged adult. … Continue reading The big 3-0

Be Brave

Aristotle taught that there are many ways to be brave which all depending on your values system; Bravery is a universal belief but it does not fall into one universal idea for all. For instance; you would say that an unarmed man fighting back when being mugged by a knife wielding criminal is brave. That's … Continue reading Be Brave