Office Goals!

I can't believe I've lived in my flat for just over two years now and the office still isn't done. I mean, I can believe it in a way because we use it for storage; got a small flat and we both own a lot of stuff! The tides are turning, though, my friends! You … Continue reading Office Goals!

mint walls

Living room ideas!

Yes, I know, I do enjoy a good Pinterest board and I like to share ideas - so sue me! The time has come to actually get down to business and paint my living room so I figured I'd do a little pre-decoration blog post and share what I'm planning [or hoping to plan] before … Continue reading Living room ideas!

Home Decor Ideas

It's been just over a year since me and my boyfriend moved into our first home. I've shared some decor ideas before but the truth is, since we moved in, we haven't done ANYTHING. We were lucky that we didn't have to decorate as the place was already spruced up before we moved in. Now we've … Continue reading Home Decor Ideas

Home décor wishlist!

Not a day goes by where I don't look at things I want to buy for my new place... when it eventually goes through. One day soon, when I'm moved in, I'll do a little recap of what to expect when you're expecting to move house but for now you can just take a look … Continue reading Home décor wishlist!