2017 Goals

I know, it's annoying to read about other people's 'resolutions' for the new year but I will forever set myself goals for the year! I can't help it! Blogging about what I want to do also means I have to be accountable so let's get to it. I was really happy with my goals last … Continue reading 2017 Goals


2016 goal review

At the start of this year I did a 2016 goal blog post - halfway through the year I did a quick recap to see where I was up to and now... well, scarily, the end of the year is upon us so I guess I should see how well I've done now we're finally able … Continue reading 2016 goal review

How I manage my time!

If there's one thing I'm good at it's managing my time. Sure, I'm not always the most punctual when it comes to social events; I live by my own clock, people... sorry [forever]. Splitting my time between ALL of my other extracurricular activities, though, is where I flourish. Here are some of my pointers on … Continue reading How I manage my time!

2016 goal – SO FAR

Remember when I made a list of my 2016 goals? Well now is the time to go through them and see how I'm doing... Finish editing my first novel.  I had wanted to finish my first novel by the end of January; I managed it by the start of February so mission accomplished. The updated … Continue reading 2016 goal – SO FAR