It’s m’birthday!

Yep. 1st June is not only the birthday of Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman, Amy Schumer and Alanis Morrisette, it's also MINE, ALL MINE! Ageing is just great. Except when you turn 31, which I am. I don't mind getting older but I do mind feeling like I'm kind of failing at life. It's obligatory to … Continue reading It’s m’birthday!


Tidal; music streaming… for what?

So, the music business must be struggling, right? Why else would the big corporations be setting up premium-cost streaming facilities? The newest on the block is, of course, Jay-Z's TIDAL which will set you back around £10 per month for the 'service'. When I heard about this I rolled my eyes. In an age where music is … Continue reading Tidal; music streaming… for what?