Christmas jumpers! 

I saw Ethical Evolution recently post about her Christmas jumpers and it kinda made me want to do a similar post because I love jumpers more than most things in life. Being warm is a high priority so why not do it with cute /silly - ness? (I'm apologetically unapologetic that I'm not photogenic at all!!)  I'm … Continue reading Christmas jumpers! 


Christmas Gifts

Is it tacky to talk about the gifts you got? Probably. Am I going to do it anyway? Yeah. My friends and family got me some great things this year and I wanted to share them with you - I haven't photographed everything because I lazily only took pictures of what was in the room … Continue reading Christmas Gifts

Top Christmas Albums

I'm getting this blog post out of the way because Christmas posts are going to get really annoying really soon! I have to share my favourite Christmas albums, it would be rude not to. I'm going out of my way, now, to say I hate the 'pop' Christmas songs you have to listen to every … Continue reading Top Christmas Albums

DIY // Mini Pot Pourri jars

The smell of Christmas is one of the best smells in the world. I'm sure I've spoken about smells before, I love them... good ones, obviously! At Christmas you get all the great candles and pot pourri in the shops and so, being that I can't resist buying random stuff I don't really need, I bought a … Continue reading DIY // Mini Pot Pourri jars

Christmas unwraping

As the middle child in my family I find I do really well at Christmas and on birthdays. Mostly I think it's because my parents and siblings think I get left out or something but each year my pile of presents is just ever so bigger than anyone else's. I think it may also have … Continue reading Christmas unwraping

So this is Christmas… Eve.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I don't know about you but Christmas Eve is as much a part of the holiday as Christmas day is and so to have to work (in an office) is like a slap in the face. To be fair I have had the start of the week off work and … Continue reading So this is Christmas… Eve.

Christmas Song

It isn't a secret I like to sing. My friends and family have to put up with me singing all the time. Some of them even have to put up with me recording songs and emailing them, attacking their ears with my dulcet tones. What has always been a bit of a secret is that I have … Continue reading Christmas Song