The future of this blog…

You might have realised I've taken a break from blogging for a few weeks. I don't enjoy writing blog posts that are all 'Hey guys, sorry I've been away but...' because there so apologetic and I'm not one to apologise for... nothing! I mean, this blog isn't changing lives or anything! That being said, whilst [...]


A new layout!

A new layout!

Whilst it's not very excited and it probably doesn't need a full blog post just to announce it I figured why not? I have had the same layout for a while now and, whilst I liked it, it was just stale and boring to look at [for me, who looks at it quite a bit]. [...]

Blog Roll Call

I don't just enjoy writing blog posts, I really enjoy reading other's blogs as well. From short snippets of information to longer posts with pictures and opinions. I wanted to do a quick Blog Roll Call to let you know which blogs I find the most inspiring; The Dainty Squid - a fantastic blog written [...]