Why I’ll always trust another woman’s opinion

The sisterhood is a powerful thing. As much as a man might tell me a look beautiful or give me advice on what to do with a boss that is driving me crazy I will never rest with just that opinion. I need my girls to help me out. I've talked about sisterhood before but … Continue reading Why I’ll always trust another woman’s opinion


“I don’t like girls”

A sentence that not only sends shivers down my spine but also makes me want to slap the idiot right off the girl who said its face. I'm a feminist, that's not a swear word, by the way, it just means I'm a decent human being. That's why the utterance of this phrase sends me … Continue reading “I don’t like girls”

Sister, Sisters

Every girl needs a sister; whether it's a blood sister or a friend who is always there for you. I've been blessed by both of these types, though, I am terrible at keeping up with the latter. When you're brought up with sisters (and you're lucky enough to get on with them) you have this … Continue reading Sister, Sisters

Being your own best friend

Unlike the classic Lit song 'My own worst enemy' I am, in fact, my own best friend. It's something I've only recently come to realise and appreciate in my late twenties and it's mostly because when I was younger I was one of those girls who didn't like to be... dare I say it... alone.  Walking … Continue reading Being your own best friend