New skincare essentials

Despite being under the weather for a lot of this month I feel like I really nailed my skin! Put it down to a lot of water, eating a lot of fruit and veg to try to feel better and a lot of steam baths with essential oils! Of course, what I put on my … Continue reading New skincare essentials


Eight Hour Cream // Review

I'm never without Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream. I figured I'd just do a little post about my love for it. I'm sure I've talked about lip balms before... I must have. I have a thing. I'm obsessed with putting lip balm on and I have at least 2 on my person at all times. … Continue reading Eight Hour Cream // Review

Eos Lipbalm <3

I've done an Ode to a Nose and so why not give a little lip service whilst I'm at it? Have you ever felt like something was missing in your life? Used so many lip balms that you feel like there's nothing out there that could possibly make your lips feel even better? I have … Continue reading Eos Lipbalm ❤