Honest Eating

Are you honest about what you eat? Cheat-eating is something I think we all can admit to at some point in our life; that time where you're eating healthy most of the time and so what's that extra packet of crisps? Why not treat yourself to that cupcake or chocolate bar? The trouble is cheat-eating, much like … Continue reading Honest Eating


Admit it, you’re talented!

Admitting you're good at something is difficult for some people to do. I know it all too well. I am one of those people who downplay praise; for me it might just be because I'm English and it's kinda in our DNA to play the 'aw shucks' card. The thing is it seems that acknowledging … Continue reading Admit it, you’re talented!

The moment of inspiration

Today I'm going to gratuitously rant about my own thoughts on inspiration because today I lack the inspiration to write a blog post. I found, whilst sat in my usual seat in Starbucks, that I didn't know what topic I wanted to write about today which set my mind a-reeling about the concept of inspiration, … Continue reading The moment of inspiration


This Girl Can! It's a great slogan because anything that encourages people to exercise makes me smile. From an early age I always found it difficult to 'get into' fitness. I suffer from asthma and an overriding case of LAZE. Now I'm older I find laziness is a mental disability I'm able to get over. … Continue reading #Thisgirlcan

Ode to a nose

Ah, the nose piercing. To me it's like flipping the bird to the status quo; a rebellion against preconception. I'm turning 30 this year. It's kind of a big deal to me... like most people, I guess. My whole adolescence has been one of not crossing too many lines, mostly being held back by fear of … Continue reading Ode to a nose

Being your own best friend

Unlike the classic Lit song 'My own worst enemy' I am, in fact, my own best friend. It's something I've only recently come to realise and appreciate in my late twenties and it's mostly because when I was younger I was one of those girls who didn't like to be... dare I say it... alone.  Walking … Continue reading Being your own best friend