Veganuary – Changes in your home

We're well into the month of January now and for some Veganuary is coming to an end. For others, Veganuary might be stretching out for a bit longer, for a lifetime perhaps? (Let me know in the comments if you've decided to stick with it). Either way, there are super easy ways for you to … Continue reading Veganuary – Changes in your home


Veganuary – Wardrobe Habits

Continuing on for the #Veganuary theme (if you didn't see my last post about skin care have a look) and thought I'd tackle the idea of how your shopping habits can really help make a difference in this burning world! I'll hit you up with some fun facts first and then I'll be dropping some … Continue reading Veganuary – Wardrobe Habits

A whole new decade – let’s talk goals!

PTB has been on a hiatus for a while because... well, life got hectic. I was writing a lot, both getting a book ready to send to agents, getting a book ready for self-publishing as a paperback and writing a new novel for NaNoWriMo. You might see how writing a blog might have been the … Continue reading A whole new decade – let’s talk goals!

BIG projects, all the time!!!

I didn't plan on posting to this account until January and that's probably going to remain the case after this post, but as I have a good little following over here I wanted to give you all the details on WHY this blog is going to go quiet and, if you want to keep up … Continue reading BIG projects, all the time!!!

Indie Author Book Review // Firian Rising by Carly Steve

I recently decided that I wanted to start sharing indie authors on my platform because, as one, I really appreciate how much it can help sales and gain new readers! The first book I'm reveiwing is Firian Rising by Carly Stevens. When everything you imagine is within reach, what will you choose? Few people can … Continue reading Indie Author Book Review // Firian Rising by Carly Steve