So you want to to be a writer?

Yes. That's my answer, anyway. I have wanted to write for as long as I can remember and I do, in fact, write very often. I have several books in the pipeline. One of which is almost finished which will lead me on the well trodden path to find an agent, get a publisher and [...]

High Anxiety!

I can safely say that for 90% of my life so far I have lived anxiety free. I have never been one to sweat the small stuff and yet recently the small stuff, well, it hasn't seemed so small. Stress, worry, depression; three things I would pride myself on living without. There's no shame in [...]

Old and Dumb

I am an idiot sometimes. You'd think getting older you'd get wiser but that's not always the case. I'm big on positive body image but even I sometimes fail at being a confident woman. Recently (a few days after my birthday) I fell for an internet scam and I feel like I should share it [...]

The big 3-0

Two things happened recently. I followed my own advice and unplugged. It gave me time and clarity and also an itch to get back to internet work. I also turned 30. Even writing that felt BIG. I am a 30 year old woman. I'm not a kid any more, guys, I'm a fully fledged adult. [...]


As much as I think self esteem is plagued on by our current society I also feel like it's a parents job to enforce self esteem. I saw this video recently - mother redesigning dolls so they are less fancy and more plain - and as much as it's great and creative I can't get [...]

Who are YOU?

I sometimes get a shock when I look in the mirror or see pictures of myself because who I see staring back at me isn't always the person I feel like on the inside. I have always felt this way - a feeling can come over me and I'll feel like I'm taller or have [...]

Got Credit?

For an almost 30 year old I'm pretty naive about 'adult' things. I'm not going to pretend and give you some top advice for the best possible ways to conquer adult-hood like it's something you can win, but I am going to pose you a question that might seem a little silly. Do you have [...]