PROJECT 365: DAYS 38-44

When the days start to get lighter I start to feel so much happier about everything... well, most things. The weather is making me itch to go out with a 'real' camera and take some real pictures. I'm a wimp and I can't handle anything even close to 'chilly' when it comes to my weather. … Continue reading PROJECT 365: DAYS 38-44


PROJECT 365: days 32-37

Another week where I may have missed a few days but I wasn't feeling great so I'll allow myself the tardy. The winter is slowly giving way to spring in the UK. We're having crazy weather but I'm coming out of work at 5 and it's still light out, which is a big improvement. As bright days … Continue reading PROJECT 365: days 32-37

PROJECT 365: DAYS 26-31

I missed a day, I know I missed a day but at the time I was sure I hadn't. Oh well, you live you forget to take pictures... that's the saying, right? I've had a bad week (work is just ARGH inducing) mixed with a great weekend for doing things. I cleaned my car  and I tidied up … Continue reading PROJECT 365: DAYS 26-31

Project 365: Days 19-25

I keep getting confused with what pictures are from what days! All I know is that I've been snapping like mad recently! It's been great but I do feel like I'm phoning it in (because I'm taking pictures on my phone, geddit?). One day I'll stop complaining about my own insecurities!   It was such … Continue reading Project 365: Days 19-25

Project 365: days 5-11

Over-all a great week but not a great week for pictures and it's only the 2nd week! I need to get my ass into gear and start using a real camera. My phone camera is just that a 'phone camera'. Whilst it's fine for things I want to get my real camera out (one of … Continue reading Project 365: days 5-11

Project 365 – A beginning [01-01-16]

First off - HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Last night I did what every cool gal should do; I stayed in with my family and we ate too much cheese and played games with brutal competitiveness. I hope you all had an equally good time and brought the new year in with people you love, laughing and … Continue reading Project 365 – A beginning [01-01-16]