Harrogate Holiday

Yes, to some [read: most] 'Holiday' means actually leaving the country. For me it just means getting away from the normal hustle and bustle [and the dog; sorry, Juno!] and the location doesn't have to involve passport control. Harrogate it actually one of my ultimate locations; it's in North Yorkshire so 2 hours on a … Continue reading Harrogate Holiday

Top Christmas Albums

I'm getting this blog post out of the way because Christmas posts are going to get really annoying really soon! I have to share my favourite Christmas albums, it would be rude not to. I'm going out of my way, now, to say I hate the 'pop' Christmas songs you have to listen to every … Continue reading Top Christmas Albums

Album Appreciation // Sam Brown // April Moon

Do you have an album that reminds you of growing up? I have a few; Michael Jackson's History is one of them but today I wanted to talk about Sam Brown. It's my understanding that not many people know who she is; I definitely don't know anyone who knows about her except for her single … Continue reading Album Appreciation // Sam Brown // April Moon

Little Moments

Whilst I've been planning blog posts sometimes it's nice to just look at the little moments that didn't make it into other blogs. Whilst there are only a few and you may have seen them on Instagram I wanted to share them here. Often pictures I take are deemed rubbish and not fit for public … Continue reading Little Moments

It’s m’birthday!

Yep. 1st June is not only the birthday of Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman, Amy Schumer and Alanis Morrisette, it's also MINE, ALL MINE! Ageing is just great. Except when you turn 31, which I am. I don't mind getting older but I do mind feeling like I'm kind of failing at life. It's obligatory to … Continue reading It’s m’birthday!

PHOTOSTREAM // Dubrovnik

Yes, this is just over two weeks late but did I mention my computer died? Anywho, here are the pictures I've been hoarding! Hope you enjoyed the few I managed to upload. I have more but... did I mention my computer died? It's kinda impossible to upload the big files to this chrome book!! Sam … Continue reading PHOTOSTREAM // Dubrovnik

PROJECT 365: DAYS 96-102

This past week has been both good and bad. Lots of stresses with regards to moving house but at the moment I'm feeling like it's all going ok so here are some pictures!   Tuesday was my 7 year anniversary with my boyfriend which I wrote a soppy post about here! It's nice to be … Continue reading PROJECT 365: DAYS 96-102

Memorable Movie Lines//Bring It On

Guys, I can't even explain how many times I've watched Bring It On. I'm not kidding. I saw it in the cinema when it came out and then I bought the DVD and watched it everyday for at least a month... and then many times since. I think, at one point, I could quote every … Continue reading Memorable Movie Lines//Bring It On


There are seven deadly sins, seven heavens, seven days in a week, seven colours in a rainbow, seven seas, seven wonders of the world, seven eleven, seven up, seven of nine, seven brides for seven brothers, the seventh seal, the seven year itch, seven pounds, seven dragon balls, seven everything in Harry Potter, the secret … Continue reading Seven

I know places // Zermatt, Switzerland

I figured, why not blog about places I've been and loved? My family and I went to Zermatt in December two years ago for my sister's wedding. We'd never been before but she wanted to get married somewhere cold and snowy because she's insane. Lucky for me it only snowed for about a hour on the actual … Continue reading I know places // Zermatt, Switzerland