Currently Watching // TV shows

Are you like me and watch a million shows at once (that's how it feels, anyway). Ever since I was a kid, in fact I can't remember a time when I wasn't watching a few things at once, I have had an obsession with keeping up with multiple TV shows. It used to be harder … Continue reading Currently Watching // TV shows


Lesser known movies

I grew up watching movies ALL the time. I know most people do but what I love is just how bizarre some of the movies I watched were. To the point not many people know about them - this is mostly due to my love of straight to video films. Even as a kid I … Continue reading Lesser known movies

Memorable Movie Lines//Sleepless in Seattle

Perhaps one of the most quoted movies in my life - particularly when coming and going from my house you'll hear a lot of "H and G" ("Hi and Goodbye... *eye roll*). As it's Valentines day I suppose it's best I stick with a more romantic line; "Well, it was a million tiny little things that, … Continue reading Memorable Movie Lines//Sleepless in Seattle

Memorable Lines -Labyrinth

Now that the shock and the media meltdown has faded I feel like I can write a post where it doesn't feel like I'm just adding to the noise. I often have the Labyrinth soundtrack playing in my head. Mostly the instrumental stuff because the score is a wonderfully dark, obscure, and complex thing. When … Continue reading Memorable Lines -Labyrinth

The return of TV gold!

I know what you're thinking - Buffy is back! Alas, no. That would be something; basically anything Joss Whedon has made should be on TV forever and for all time but that's a post for another day. [Maybe one day the spin off for Buffy I was writing a script treatment for will become real, … Continue reading The return of TV gold!

Bad Ass Woman: Tatiana Maslany

It's been a while since I've done a bad ass woman post! Seemed appropriate to do this one on the last day of the year because of all the women I love I'm most excited about her return to my small screen! If you've been living under a TV rock (or just don't happen to … Continue reading Bad Ass Woman: Tatiana Maslany

Love to Watch: Twinsters

If you saw my previous post about what I got for Christmas you will have noticed I got a HUGE book listing the best TV shows according to Taschen - television and films are a huge part of my life. As a fan and as a writer I love story telling in every form so I'm … Continue reading Love to Watch: Twinsters