Farewell 2020! Farewell PTB!

Well this year has been a rollercoaster, to say the least. I'll be glad to see the back of 2020, much like everyone else. So many things just seemed to fall apart (humanity, being one of them), and I found myself stuck in a loop of staying inside, walking the dog, and staying inside; which … Continue reading Farewell 2020! Farewell PTB!


Video killed the blog post

Hi all! I’m just jumping on here to say hello, really!  This weekend I decided to totally procrastinate from writing and instead I played hours of playstation and filmed a YouTube video! Fun fact, back in my earlyish 20’s I made Youtube videos for fun. Mostly just chatty things that were video-format emails to my … Continue reading Video killed the blog post

Sustainable Period Products

I’m coming at you with a little bit of something different today. First off, the obligatory ‘this is not a sponsored post’ warning. Second off… this is a very womxn-centric post. Today I wanted to talk about reusable period pads! Huzzah, I know! It’s a ‘taboo’ topic for many, which just goes to show what … Continue reading Sustainable Period Products

My 2020 goals: Checking in

Wow everyone, did you ever think 2020 would hit this hard? *sweats in the key of anxiety* I've really been missing blogging regularly but I think, with everything going on, there wasn't any point me talking about my own crap when so much other important stuff was happening! That being said, I'm now at the … Continue reading My 2020 goals: Checking in

Veganuary – Changes in your home

We're well into the month of January now and for some Veganuary is coming to an end. For others, Veganuary might be stretching out for a bit longer, for a lifetime perhaps? (Let me know in the comments if you've decided to stick with it). Either way, there are super easy ways for you to … Continue reading Veganuary – Changes in your home

BIG projects, all the time!!!

I didn't plan on posting to this account until January and that's probably going to remain the case after this post, but as I have a good little following over here I wanted to give you all the details on WHY this blog is going to go quiet and, if you want to keep up … Continue reading BIG projects, all the time!!!

An anniversary, a birthday and a short trip away

April was a pretty big month for me and my boyfriend; not only did we celebrate the 3rd year of moving into our flat, we also hit two pretty big milestones - 10 years in our relationship and him turning 40! These big adult things are enough to make anyone feel old and kind of … Continue reading An anniversary, a birthday and a short trip away

DIY // Making Essential Oil Rollers

I don't know about you but essential oils play a big part in my life; I tend to use them for cleaning, skin care, allergies and illness, air purifiers - basically everything I can. My favourite way of using them, though, is for total smell enjoyment. I know; sounds obvious, but that whole relaxation thing … Continue reading DIY // Making Essential Oil Rollers