Building my capsule wardrobe

Hi all! I hope everyone had a great January and you're feeling revitalised for this month and our slow approach towards Spring! Now that my Veganuary posts are over I'm back to talking about my regular old life stuff and this post is one that I've had in draft for a while because... well, it's … Continue reading Building my capsule wardrobe


Downsizing my wardrobe

After my last blog post about The Minimalists and changing the way I live my life [dramatic, much?] I made a list of the things I wanted to de-clutter in my life. First on the list is my wardrobe. Now, a true minimalist only owns the bare minimum in clothing. I have seen Youtube videos where … Continue reading Downsizing my wardrobe

Social Media Updates [aka Goodbye, Scumbag Sam]

As part of the new year and wanting to work on this blog I decided I wanted to smooth out my online 'brand'. Urgh. I hate using that word but it is what it is. I am in the process of weening myself off social media for personal life stuff [not fully, just taking a … Continue reading Social Media Updates [aka Goodbye, Scumbag Sam]

Miss Sentimental

I am sentimental about a lot of things. It's terrible, really. I wish I were sentimental about things that really matter; people, memories, places... alas, I'm not. I'm the worst kind; a hoarder. I keep things that have no use for the sake of the 'memory', like if I don't have this movie stub I'll … Continue reading Miss Sentimental

The art of cleaning

You know, me and cleaning are not the best of friends. I love clean things and clean places but I always find a reason to not clean. Netflix, for example; the perfect excuse to do nothing at all. Today I had to clean my car because I haven't done it in a million months and the dog … Continue reading The art of cleaning

De-cluttering social media

  Hi, my name's Sam and I am a social media addict. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. That's where I find I spend/waste most of my time because it's 2016 and why not? Except I find social media is quite draining. Particularly when you do what I do and you collect people. I tend to hit … Continue reading De-cluttering social media