2017 goals // a review 

It's new year's eve. How? Why? I'm not a new year's celebrator but I do enjoy the fact that it's kind of a globally accepted day to self - review and set intentions. People often say 'it's just another day, nothing actually resets etc', but when we acknowledge a change in years and time what's … Continue reading 2017 goals // a review 

Favourite Posts of 2017

It's coming to the end of the year and, whilst you can bet your bottom dollar I will be doing a goals recap VERY soon, as well as setting new goals for 2018, I saw a few of my fave bloggers go over their favourite posts for 2017 and I thought it was a damn … Continue reading Favourite Posts of 2017

Amazon Associate 

I have recently signed up to Amazon Associates which is a way for bloggers to make commission by linking products - we get money if you click through and make a purchase - you, in no way, are affected by this bar the usual cookie dilemma! I know it can sometimes seem skeezy - how … Continue reading Amazon Associate 

Blog Roll Call – part 3!

It's been a long while since I told you about some of my favourite bloggers so I figured why not give you another reason to read some cool blogs? Over the past year I've found some cool gals who I always enjoy popping over to see on the internetz so without further ado: Culturebean A … Continue reading Blog Roll Call – part 3!

Social Media Updates [aka Goodbye, Scumbag Sam]

As part of the new year and wanting to work on this blog I decided I wanted to smooth out my online 'brand'. Urgh. I hate using that word but it is what it is. I am in the process of weening myself off social media for personal life stuff [not fully, just taking a … Continue reading Social Media Updates [aka Goodbye, Scumbag Sam]

Pretty Thoughtful Hiatus

You may have noticed the blog posts have slowed down of late. And just after I said I was going to try to do 5 a week... which then turned to 3. *Audible sigh* I am, by no means, abandoning blogging [was that a mixture of groans and cheers?] but I am just taking a … Continue reading Pretty Thoughtful Hiatus

2016 goal – SO FAR

Remember when I made a list of my 2016 goals? Well now is the time to go through them and see how I'm doing... Finish editing my first novel.  I had wanted to finish my first novel by the end of January; I managed it by the start of February so mission accomplished. The updated … Continue reading 2016 goal – SO FAR

Planning blog posts

When it comes to planning anything I'm kind of on the fence... I appreciate a good plan and think that it mostly helps things run smoothly but I'm also a crazy Gemini lady who lives like one of those dogs you see with its face sticking out of the window, tongue lolling in the wind; … Continue reading Planning blog posts

Snail Mail Open Call

I mentioned it in my previous blog [quietly, at the bottom of the post] that I was going to do another batch of snail mail. I figured it was about time, however, for this to really work I feel like I should really shout about it rather than whisper. The plan is to send out some … Continue reading Snail Mail Open Call