I'm on a constant hair quest. I blogged before about how to keep blonde hair blonde and bleaching my own hair so naturally I feel the need to keep you in the loop about all my hair adventures! I got all of my hair lopped off a couple of weeks ago and then decided it was time to … Continue reading BLONDER.


Your Zen Life

Have you ever found a website inspiring? I know I have; I used to spend hours on the official Buffy website [leave me alone, I still love Buffy and there's a future post to prove it!] as well as the countless hours I'd spend on Mugglenet as a teen it's fair to say I've had … Continue reading Your Zen Life

Silicone free shampoo

You may or may not have heard about the 'no poo' trend. I tried it for a few weeks; it basically just implies you won't use shampoo to wash your hair [because it strips your natural oils] but either use home made shampoo which consists of baking soda or something and a few other ingredients … Continue reading Silicone free shampoo

Heat Free Hair Curling

If you follow me on Instagram I often post pictures of myself with curls in my hair and I'd say roughly 90% of the time those curls are heat free. I get a few questions from different people on how I achieve them because, even I have to admit, sometimes they look pretty good. The first thing … Continue reading Heat Free Hair Curling

L’Oreal Infallible Sculpt // Makeup Review

I recently signed up to a site called Bzz Agent which is a site where you can volunteer for campaigns to review products. It's pretty damn cool; so long as you get accepted. I've been rejected from a few because I don't have a huge following on any of my social media outlets but they finally let … Continue reading L’Oreal Infallible Sculpt // Makeup Review

Keeping blonde hair blonde!

I figured I'd share some products I use to keep my hair blonde. Well, bleached blonde. We all know - you bleach your hair and you get brassy yellow and orange tones. It happens, it's a thing. I decided to bleach my own hair when I decided I didn't really mind if it looked terrible... and … Continue reading Keeping blonde hair blonde!

Memorable Movie Lines//Sleepless in Seattle

Perhaps one of the most quoted movies in my life - particularly when coming and going from my house you'll hear a lot of "H and G" ("Hi and Goodbye... *eye roll*). As it's Valentines day I suppose it's best I stick with a more romantic line; "Well, it was a million tiny little things that, … Continue reading Memorable Movie Lines//Sleepless in Seattle

Spot the difference!

Above are two pictures of me... now before you roll your eyes and say "Oh my God, she's, like, so vain" in that overly assumed California teenage voice you have in your head [Am I the only person who's inner voice is a 15 year old cheerleader?] just look... LOOK! I blogged a while ago about The … Continue reading Spot the difference!

LUSH ‘Haul’

The term 'haul' makes me feel odd, I don't know why. It's like I'm saying 'Oh wow, look what I have - so much frivolous spending, la-di-da'... I don't think that when other people say it, just to clarify, it's just me being strange as usual. For my birthday last year my boyfriend gave me … Continue reading LUSH ‘Haul’

DIY: Bleaching my own hair

For most of my life I've been a 'dirty blonde'. Basically, natural blonde. When I was younger I dreamed of having blonder hair and when I got to my teens I started having highlights. It was a great feeling to finally have hair I'd dreamed of... this seems like such a fickle thing to think … Continue reading DIY: Bleaching my own hair