Home away from home


What? Another post about Harrogate? Yes, I can’t help it so… just hang in there! Different posts are on the way, guys!

I think I have mentioned a fair few times how much I love the place; it really is like a second home to me. I feel comfortable there and people really enjoyed my pink hair; I mean, I got a LOT of remarks about it.

Places can be just locations, y’know? You can go to a town or city, wander around and then not think about it again. Then there are places that stick with you forever and they become special for a multitude of reasons, like a friend.

I’m lucky I am good at saving; it means I get to stay in damn nice apartments when I go but despite the different dwellings [literally a different apartment each year!] my routine is the same. Walk in, put bag down, check all the rooms, look out of the windows, open all the cupboards and then… somehow trash the place with all my stuff so the place looks like I’ve been living there for a million years?!

It’s always the same routine and I actually find comfort in it. I love settling in and feeling like I live there, even for a few nights. Because I’ve been so many times I can just nip to the shops or down to the bakery. I know where all the restaurants are and where the cinema is. I wander around with my boyfriend but I’ve also wandered around alone.

This is a little bit of a self serving post because I’m home now and I miss the town I cheat on my home town with but meh!

Do you ever feel like that? Do you have a certain place you love going back to or do you enjoy to go to different places?



Valley Gardens

Harrogate, in North Yorkshire, is one of my absolute favourite places to go. Me and my boyfriend go every year, splashing out on a cool apartment to stay in for a few days, just to wander around the town.

To be honest, it’s very similar to where we live but it’s slightly more up market and just has a different vibe. I could stay longer, every time!

Among our usual traditions when we go walking through the Valley Gardens is number one on my list. There’s always little things I didn’t see previously and always dogs running around which makes me so happy – I’m thinking of finding a place to stay next year which allows dogs so juno can come with us!

This year the best thing about the gardens is the little Japanese garden they’re working on. Through a little arch way the path leads around freshly planted bamboo and bushes with huuuge thorns. I can’t wait to see all the final touches and all the plants in full bloom in the summer. It really is just the loveliest park in all the land!


Is it winter yet? 

The answer to this is : of course! Rather than do an obligatory ‘hey it’s December’ post I wanted to do a ‘hey, it’s winter’ post because seasons and all the changing etc.

I was watching a weather report last week and, seemingly, because it was still November the weather forecaster was talking about autumnal weather when, in actual fact, this was the reality of the great outdoors. 

Frost. And lots of it. 

We keep having really wet, damp, days which lead into really cold mornings and black ice. I can’t tell you how many mornings I’ve slipped down the street, luckily never to the ground, but just skated along very ungracefully as a patch of the pavement turned into an anti gravity patch. I always laugh at myself when it happens, like a crazy person, and then feel embarrassed that people would have seen me. Not the falling part but the laughing!

Anyway, the weather man was obviously refusing to call the weather ‘wintery’ because it wasn’t yet December and it annoyed me somewhat. That someone would try to call frost autumnal is insulting to people who live for autumnal romance but hate winter and it’s cold,  balanced,  compliments that leave your cheeks red raw.

My car also resisted the reference to autumn because it was far too cold for the old battery. The damn thing died on me and I had to have it replaced which is… Lovely. Winter! Who asked for it? Not me!

Of course, those changing seasons wreak havoc on me. I always feel like seasonal changes make me feel like I need to make changes in my whole life : does anyone else feel that? My mind keeps sticking on one of my goals for this year; open my etsy shop. I’m just having a hard time convincing myself to do it in case it flops and then… What was the point? Maybe I’ll just put that project into hibernation until January?

If you sell things let me know what you think about this – is it better to just get things listed? I’m… Paranoid no one will enjoy my things?!


One month in // Arctic Fox Pink


It’s been a month already. Wow.

I’m really impatient when it comes to reviewing hair dye and always want to jump on the review-train as soon as my hair is shiny and new but this time I decided to actually wait to give a real verdict [yes, there was an older blog post about it but it wasn’t a real review]…

So? A month in and what do I think of my Arctic Fox Virgin Pink?

I still love it and it’s still vibrant, despite the fact I shower with the hottest water my body can handle. Yes, I try to turn it to a cooler setting on my hair but… I’m a wuss and it’s always some degree of hot. Never mind, eh? I have put a tiny bit of the dye into some conditioner a couple of times just to bump it up but all in all the colour is lasting!

You might not be able to tell from the pictures, really, but it’s fading more obviously at my hair line at the front [ignore my roots, my hair is growing like crazy right now!] but everywhere else seems even enough. I’m actually looking forward to seeing this fade MORE because I want it to go peachy. Not sure if that will happen but watch this space!


You’ve got mail!


I opened my mailbox to a few treats this week! Sure, two of them I’d ordered myself but forgotten about… I mean, I actually forgot despite the fact I only ordered them a few days ago, and the other was a surprise snail mail postcard from the lovely Ines (who keeps one of my fave blogs Imonnet)!

The two packages are from Oh Gosh Cindy! one of my most coveted online stores. I’ve always wanted to buy stationary from her and I decided to treat myself to the entire Friends pack of Christmas cards. I’m not going to lie, guys. I’m not going to send these out, these are for me to look at and smile!

That being said, I always want to buy her cards to send to others because they’re so cool and cute I know they’d bring a smile to a lot of my friend’s faces! If you love watercolour and pop culture please check out her stuff!

With the postcard from Ines came a little polaroid which I LOVE! I will be setting up a picture board in my office soon and was going to pin a load of polaroids to it, so this will be one of the first! Thank you!!!

The little joy in life of getting mail from friends, instead of bills and junk mail, is the best and so here’s my Christmas call out for Snail Mail buddies!

If you want to get a Christmas card from me email me (prettythoughtfulblog [at] gmail.com) and I’ll send you one!



Fun with the dog!

What’s a blog post without fun shots of Juno, doing cute Juno things?

I took her out at the weekend, like I do every single say, but on this frosty morning she decided to act like it was her first time ever seeing the world – it was hilarious and I was that crazy person standing in the park laughing at my own dog.

The day was a crisp one, lingering frost on the grass that remained untouched by the winter’s sun, but it was dry and bright so we stayed out for a while.


Juno’s got to the point, in this park, where she doesn’t feel the need to follow me around anymore [they grow up so fast!] so, mostly, I stood still and watched as she leapt through the grass and chased dogs. Little snippets of the day taken up by happy dogs are what I live for!


She thunders around everywhere, so much so I’m sure her feet spend more time off the ground than on it. I know some of the pictures are rubbish because she’s literally a dot, but they make me happy – she’s sometimes really timid and, whilst she’ll snarf around near me [especially in this park], she doesn’t always go too far. This weekend she was so far away I could only see the tip of her tail! Some people might not like the idea of letting their dog disappear into the void but if she’s having fun I don’t mind. She always comes back… eventually!

What are your thoughts on letting your dog off the lead? Do you worry they’ll never return? Sometimes I hide from Juno just so she has to find me… is that mean? haha!



My Camera Collection

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a thing about camera’s. I’ve bought them, acquired them and collected them for years. One of my fave ones was actually a free one I got with a Happy Meal when I was a kid; it was pink, had tiger stripes on it, and it was small enough to fit in my pocket – I took many pictures with it and I’m sure, somewhere, I have the negatives saved. That’s right, kids, negatives; film. As much as I love digital photography there’s nothing quite like taking pictures and having no idea what they look like until you develop them.

My current kit isn’t too big, I’ve lost some cameras along the way to lending and breaking but here they are:

Lomo 4 shot camera:

Would you believe I got this Lomo in the 90’s? The brand who currently sell some bad ass instant cameras that are always on my wishlist were the camera of my dreams even back when I was a kid. I haven’t used this one in a while but the 4 burst exposure gives you a picture split into four segments and I seriously love it.

Pentax 35-80 mm lens:

This Pentax lens is basic but it never let me down back when I did photography in college. I actually have a super duper macro lens somewhere but… I can’t put my finger on it. OOps. 

Canon EOS 600D:

This is my pride and joy, for sure. I bought this year ago when I was filming a lot and taking pictures in my spare time [of which I seem to have none, anymore – sad]. I have never built this kit up so it’s just equipped with its standard lens but, one day, I might purchase a wide angle lens because dreams never die.

Canon EOS 300D:

I remember when I bought this; I was going travelling to America and I wanted to get a better camera. My dad went nuts when I realised I’d spend about £300 on it but, after spending time with it himself, he realised how great it was and fell in love with it, too. It’s 10 years old now but it’s still a great camera. Again, I never built the kit up and kept the original lens but simple is sometimes best.

Pentax MZ-50

This camera – it was a damn joy! My dad bought it for me [he’s where I get my love of photography from] and we both excitedly tried to figure out the settings before my photography course started. I never went to uni for photography but, at one point, it was a dream of mine to study and get a job for the National Geographic. Big dreams, eh? It’s manual and I used to shoot solely black and white. I learnt how to manually alter images with this thing, and how to develop my own film. Sadly the model has some issues and mine fell victim to the expected sticky shutter – it works occasionally but then when you press the shutter it stays open and won’t shut. Bummer. I bought a second hand replacement on ebay for about £20 but that also had issues so these cameras don’t work but I love them too much to get rid of them.

Pentax ME Super:


I LOVE this manual camera; I only bought it last year and it’s fabulous. The Pentax K1000 is a dream camera to own but they are hard to get because the competition is high on Ebay! The ME Super is the next best thing [some say even better?] and so I bid on a load of them one day and happily won this beauty! I love it; the settings are easy to navigate and the lens it came with is basic but nice. I might try to build up on this one, to be fair. It would be nice to have a project camera. I haven’t yet developed my first film on it because I keep forgetting. I’m excited to see if my memory for settings remains or if I just wrecked a cartridge!

The reason I’m posting this now is because… I’m getting to the point, again, where I want a new camera. I have my selection of big cameras which take a lot of effort to take them out. I want an adventure camera to have with me at all times… One of my babies, which isn’t here, lives with my dad and he loves it so much and takes it on holiday with him every time he goes away so I don’t want to take it back so I’m thinking a new Canon Powershot [which is what it is…]… is that just greedy?


Crescent Moon Necklace

This post is sponsored by Ineffabless Jewelry



I was recently contacted by this website to do an honest review of their silver jewellery and I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product! I will be honest, I wasn’t sure at first. I receive emails from companies that don’t seem quite legit and I’m picky about what kind of necklaces I wear, if any!

The one I selected was the most ‘me’, by way of it being a crescent moon and I’m a big hippy. From the images on the website I thought it was going to be too chunky and so when I opened the box, with a little help from Juno [did you notice?] I loved the fact it was so dainty!

The packaging is also nice; not just a box but this cute diamond shaped package which is black and sparkly. It was a nice treat for myself!

They have loads of different designs and types of jewellery so I would recommend having a look. No affiliate links, or anything – just a good old fashioned review!



*terrible photos at the moment. Getting a new camera soon… 


Pink, again!

I needed to re-bleach my roots a few days ago and, with the roots comes the whole question of what colour to pop on top of fresh hair. I’ve been wanting to go back to pink for a while and, whilst I love Manic Panic’s candy floss colour I wanted to give Arctic Fox a try because I know people rave about the brand [which is vegan].

Now, I was hoping to go pale pink again but, having no conditioner left to pastelize it, I just went whole hog…


I’ve always wanted to go full on bright colours but held back because it’s quite bold… obviously. I don’t particularly like having a lot of attention on me so the first day of having this hair was awkward. I love the colour, and how the dye made my hair soft, plus it was so easy to apply, gave great coverage and… well, this colour only took about 25-30 minutes to develop. That being said nothing prepared me for the looks you get!

Whenever I see someone with bright hair I love it; I never think anything negative etc. but having this hair has made me feel like other people look at me like I’m strange… The thing is, I don’t care if they do. That being said it’s still an odd feeling to get used to. Thankfully, after a day or two, I don’t worry about it that much because I keep seeing it in reflections of stuff and loving how insanely bright it is.

This isn’t a review, so much, but if you were looking to get a bright colour I’d say Arctic Fox is the quickest way to go about it! I can’t wait to see how it fades. I have hopes it goes orange/ peachy because that’s my next colour change anyway but we shall see!