Hi guys,

You might find that I sometimes blog about particular companies and products so I wanted to add this little section.

Writing a blog is something I do for myself; I will never rely on it for income or anything, however, I found that most companies will give you deals [both me as the writer and you as the reader] if you become an affiliate.

To be totally transparent please find the list of companies I have linked up with. If I ever write a blog post I will make it clear that clicking a link will help me financially but I’ll also make it clear that you might also get some deals from it. I’m hoping it’s a win-win situation. I, in no way, will be linking up with companies just because it means I’ll make money, it’s more because I was already writing about a product I love and found I could perhaps make a few pence. Hey, I’m moving into my new place; every little helps!


This is the site I am a member of; The AWIN referral scheme actively encourages you to refer fellow online marketers who have an interest in monetising their sites.




Well what kind of British woman would I be if I didn’t love tea? And I do… maybe too much… If you have any questions about tea I am probably your gal.





I buy a lot of books and Book Depository is one site I always go to because the customer service is great! They also have great deals and deliver quickly so that’s always a bonus!




It’s hardly surprising – books, books, books! Waterstones is one of my favourite places to shop so click the link to find some great book deals!




I own probably faaaar too many things from Firebox so naturally I need other people to buy things from them, too, so I’m not alone. I love firebox and it’s odd collection of fun gifts and gadgets. Everything you never thought you needed until you realise YOU NEED IT ALL!