About Me

Hi, I’m Sam, the owner of Pretty Thoughtful Blog.

I’m a writer, an active twitter addict, an Instagram nerd and someone who is deliriously in love with a beagle named Juno.

This blog has been through many iterations and used to be a place where I would dump all my thoughts and projects – I love photography, crafting and collecting new hobbies – but as of 2020 I’ve decided to narrow down the themes to be more in line with veganism and sustainability, as that’s how I attempt to live my life!

My other life duties include working full time in digital marketing and media, writing and self publishing novels on Amazon, trying to find an agent to get published in the mainstream media, whilst also trying to get my indie business SCNDHNDBKS off the ground! I enjoy being busy!

If you are looking for easy ways to add veganism or sustainability into your life please follow along!

Other places you can find me are:

Twitter, Instagram, PTB Facebook page, Author website, Author Facebook page, Amazon Author page, SCNDNDBKS, SCNDHNDBKS Facebook page, SCNDHNDBKS Instagram page.