Video killed the blog post

Hi all!

I’m just jumping on here to say hello, really! 

This weekend I decided to totally procrastinate from writing and instead I played hours of playstation and filmed a YouTube video!

Fun fact, back in my earlyish 20’s I made Youtube videos for fun. Mostly just chatty things that were video-format emails to my Youtube friends (YT used to be a great social platform back in the day) which are all private now so… no getting to go back and watch them, I’m afraid! 😛

The thing is, I used to love chatting to a camera and editing videos and I really miss it. I love writing this blog but I always wanted to add video elements to it – like I did with the lip balm DIY post, this making pesto post and this making a yoga mat spray post – where I just chat about things that are difficult to write about.

So I bit the bullet and filmed a little intro for that! 

Hopefully this isn’t too cringy and you enjoy my ramblings – more to come, as well! So if you have a YouTube account subscribe to me! I have so many videos planned because I am in major procrastination mode!



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