Bedroom Makeover Wishlist

Creating frivolous wish lists of items I want is something of an obsession of mine.

Along with Pinterest and all the home-design instagram accounts I follow I’ve recently discovered and downloaded their app. This is in no way an affiliated post (and none of my links are affiliates), by the way, this is just an admittance of guilt that I spend way too much time making lists of drooling over all the items I find on their website!

You might recall that I moved into my flat 4 years ago and… I haven’t really done anything to make it all fancy and cute. The living room has been painted and is mostly done and I’ve added a lick of paint to my kitchen cabinets but that room is in no way finished. The office is still a mess of boxes and bookshop items which is hard to look at without feeling the sense of impending doom that comes with the knowledge that, one day, we’ll have to sort through it all properly. So I decided that, in this time of quarantine, whilst the burning desire to do SOMETHING to jazz up my living space is still alive and well, I’d start trying to pull together a look for my bedroom.

At the moment the bedroom is all cream walls with built-in wardrobes that are against an exterior wall so we get the dreaded damp smell on our clothes. I hate it and it takes up all the space. So my plans are to rip it all out, paint the room and give it a new vibe. I LOVE earthy garden colours so here’s where my mind is at right now!


  1. Waffle Duvet set from Riva Home – I love this Sea Foam colour so much and I enjoy the waffle pattern a lot. I tend to really like grey bedding but I want to add a touch of colour to the room so this kind of set is ideal. So soft and soothing!
  2. Shell Pillow – Blush – Velvet from House of Iri – We have a bit of a problem with having too many cushions on our sofa and so I’m hesitant to add more cushions to my bedroom but this one is super cute and who doesn’t need a back support cushion when reading in bed?!
  3. Mendoza Baby Alpaca Throw in Light-Grey from Silkeborg Uldspinderi – I have such a hard time finding throw blankets that I actually like. This one isn’t one I’d actually buy because I don’t personally want material derived from animals I don’t know are looked after properly (it’s time everyone started looking into where products actually come from), but I like the colour. I really love cream throw blankets but can I find a good one anywhere? Nope!
  4. Farran Two Sided Wall Mirror – Champagne – Iron Frame from Fifty Five South – Mirrors are expensive. I don’t know if you know that? Now you do! I really dream of a giant mirror I can lean against a wall but paying so much for them is not my dream situation. I love this one but I’m probably going to try to thrift something similar if I can!
  5. Hub Ladder Rack in Black/ Walnut from Umbra – I’ll never not love a ladder rack! I know I’d use it to throw clothes on, thus messing up the cleanliness of my room, but I dream of hanging little plant pots on it, really. Such a silly decoration but shouldn’t a bedroom be a place of whimsy?
  6. Modern Solid Wood Bedside from Artisan Furniture – I go through furniture identity crisis on a daily basis. OK, that’s dramatic, but I struggle to focus on the intracacies of design and decoration… I love these bedside tables so much but I wonder how versatile they will be in the future?
  7. Ellipsi – Hanging Planter – Black from KORD – I have this one window in my bedroom which is missing something and I think this is it!
  8. Lily Pad Art Print by Zoe Wodarz – Minimalist art is my favourite – So cute.
  9. Hugo Chair – Grey / Black – Faux Leather / Metal from Fifty Five South – Have you ever shopped for a small armchair? It’s hard work. I don’t love the colour or material at all but I saved this chair because it’s the shape I want. Comfy enough to lean back in, maybe even curl up with a good book!

I know this post is totally silly and boring to most but if I don’t keep my ideas in this format I’ll never remember what I want! Do you do this? I love Pinterest but I wish it was more like a real pinboard and not a continuous scroll of everything anyone has ever looked at!

If you’re currently dreaming of redecorating please let me know your ideas and link me to any inspo you have! I love seeing other people’s interior styles!



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