Building my capsule wardrobe

Hi all!

I hope everyone had a great January and you’re feeling revitalised for this month and our slow approach towards Spring! Now that my Veganuary posts are over I’m back to talking about my regular old life stuff and this post is one that I’ve had in draft for a while because… well, it’s taken me a while to do the work! Once you read the rest you’ll understand what I mean!

It feels like a lifetime’s work but I’ve been spending some time working on building my capsule wardrobe – something I’m sure I’ve talked about before but put on the back-burner due to everything else I have been doing!

The one thing I have done since deciding that I wanted to go down the capsule wardrobe route, though, is stop buying clothes almost entirely, and if I’ve bought clothes they have been with the intention of slotting into the collection I want, if that makes any sense!

You might be wondering how you even go about deciding on what clothes you want to wear over and over again and I was in the same place, don’t worry! I have been trying to wrap my mind around how for a long time, which is why I haven’t really managed to get it done yet but it recently came to me! Pinterest!

I am 100% sure that everyone with a Pinterest account has a ‘style’ board, right? Well I do and when I was scrolling through it one day I realised that a. I have great taste and b. I have a very particular taste/ pinning habit.


By taking some time to look at my board I noticed that I had accidentally been making a capsule wardrobe and so, in order to really overdo my Pinterest addiction,  I set up another board where I could pop individual items (rather than complete outfits etc) to get a clear look at what I want my core collection to look like.

capsule wardrobe

Take a look at the board here! If you want to get interactive with it! 😛

The good news for me is that I actually have a fair few items from this list! I only have a few items to get so I’m currently selling a bunch of things on Vinted and donating a load to charity in hopes that I’ll make a little bit of money to spend on getting the items I don’t have yet… and getting money to pop into my Australia savings account – more on that later!

Whilst my dream is to have this paired down collection of clothes I will never be able to get rid of my t-shirts because I wear them all the time and I love them so much but in terms of my bulk wardrobe I’m trying to get down to 24-25 items (including jackets and shoes). My current number of clothes? A lot. The funny thing is I already got rid of a bunch and thought I’d be able to see what I really wear all the time… turns out I’m quite happy wearing the same outfits over and over again!

I’m excited to finally nail this over the next couple of months so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for an update!

Have you ever thought about reducing your wardrobe?



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