My favourite posts of 2019

I decided to take a leaf out of my favourite blogger’s book – Kaylah from The Dainty Squid– and do a quick run down of my favourite blog posts in 2019!

Not only is it a good thing to do to remind me of the enjoyment I get from blogging but it’s also probably a good idea for my new followers (hello, if you’ve recently joined the gang!) because I don’t think people generally like reading through old posts? I mean, I do, but I think I’m probably the only one! 😛

DIY // Vegan Pistachio Pesto 

pretty thoughtful blog

This post came with a video of how I make my pistachio pesto and whilst I didn’t like the video because my kitchen isn’t pretty, or set up for being able to film anything in any way, I loved the creative outlet of filming and editing (a hobby I never get time to do!), and it also inspired a lot of people to try and make it as well, which was lovely. If you are every looking to make something easy and delicious this pesto is for you!

Masterclass: The App


Last year I discovered Masterclass – an app where professional creatives run courses on how to do… pretty much anything and everything, from writing, cooking, acting, making music, directing… it’s a pretty well rounded course load. I will always be an advocate for advanced learning and I don’t think University is necessarily the right path for everyone. I’ve always taken courses in my adult life because I love to learn and finding and sharing this app made me happy!

DIY// Making Essential Oil Rollers


Essential oils are my favourite things to smell! Sorry to be so weird but it’s true. If you find the right ones it can be heavenly and I loved doing a little bit of research, buying some good oils and creating some rollers to use as and when I needed them. I still have my anti stress roller, which is a good sign I guess, and every now and then I just dab it on my wrists for a little bit of scent appreciation.

Body Shop Loves


OOh I love some Body Shop products and can’t get by without their moisturisers. I really enjoyed sharing my fave products and it made me realise I’m WAY more into cosmetics than I realised. Just last night I was looking at all my masks and creams and looking forward to doing a new post at the weekend about some vegan skin care stuff, because skin care is self care. Well, it is for me!


Hopefully you enjoy having a look through a few of my fave posts! I have a great list of things I want to write about this year so stay tuned!




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