A whole new decade – let’s talk goals!

PTB has been on a hiatus for a while because… well, life got hectic. I was writing a lot, both getting a book ready to send to agents, getting a book ready for self-publishing as a paperback and writing a new novel for NaNoWriMo.

You might see how writing a blog might have been the straw that broke this camel’s back. Of course, I also launched a dream project of mine; my second hand book shop! It’s safe to say this past decade has been a big deal, let alone 2019!

Before I start talking about my goals for this year (how is it 2020?!) I want to do a quick recap on last year’s goals. You might be wondering why I set goals and why I blog about them but I’m the kind of person who does A LOT. And I have to speak all my thoughts out loud in order for them to ‘be true’. Otherwise I forget everything!

Without further ado, let’s see how I did on last year’s goals!

  1. Read way more I have to say, I didn’t read A TON (I’ve just checked my instagram stories highlights and I read about 17 books which isn’t a lot for me) but it’s better than nothing. I also have a ton more in my tbr pile so I’m on a roll. I’m going to consider this a SUCCESS!
  2. Write everything!I finished the first draft of my TV show pilot, published a new series both on kindle and paperback, wrote a new book for NaNo and started the huge task of editing something to send to agents ASAP. I also came up with a load of NEW ideas for stories. Really good year for writing! SUCCESS! 
  3. Play guitar moreNah! I haven’t really picked up my guitar much in the last 6 months because I got a piano. FAIL!
  4. Try to film videos for blogNOPE! I think videos, whilst I love them, are too much work for me most of the time (editing is the slog) so I didn’t do this but I also didn’t care that I failed so… is it really a fail? FAIL.
  5. Blog about making stuff and books and all things I love! I didn’t… I don’t think… 2019 wasn’t the year of the blog for me. I lost sight of what I was blogging for. With everyone else I see blogging apparently making money from it in some way I felt pressure to create for the wrong reasons. I don’t want to make money from this blog. It’s not a business for me! I just like writing fun things. I don’t know if the future of this blog is a happy one but it’s changing in 2020, that’s all I’m saying! FAIL?
  6. Learn a little bit of pianoHell yeah. I bought a piano, I started to learn it! I’m terrible but I love it so much I can easily spend HOURS sat at it, playing things over and over again. SUCCESS!
  7. Take riding lessons – I abandoned this goal quite early on. I would love to get back on a horse but it’s FAR too expensive so never mind!!! ABANDONED. 
  8. Go to Japan – It was on the cards but we had to postpone as we have to fly to Australia in 2020 anyway so we’re doubling up our trip with a holiday on the way back! Look out for planning blogs and stuff!! POSTPONED. 

As you can see… 2019 was a bit of a strange year but I did my best. Really, it turned into a year where I struggled with what I was trying to achieve in life – that sounds heavy and I guess it is. I struggled quite a lot emotionally and mentally with a lot of stuff and it’s taken a toll on me in many ways. The good news is that out of the ashes… comes… something? I don’t know the end of that phrase so let’s say it’s something to do with a phoenix rising? That must be it! Here I am, phoenixing all over the place.

Quite out of the blue, because I was really sick and bored at home, I started a business I’ve wanted to start for YEARS but was too scared to do because I couldn’t see my way into it. Turns out sometimes you just have to Italian Job is and blow the bloody doors off (enjoy that reference, fellow movie buffs). I launched SCNDHNDBKS which is a second hand book shop which specialises in children’s literature and young adult fiction only. I haven’t seen anyone else doing it so I’m assuming I’m the only one which is cool. Of course, the struggle then began to get the business off the ground and I spent a lot of time and money on website stuff and stock. I have yet to make any money but I know that I will eventually… it’s all in the cards, I’m sure! So, saying that, what’s the plan for 2020?


My 2020 goals:

  1. Get SCNDHNDBKS off the ground – this is currently what I’m working on and am in an indie business group on Facebook and currently working through a book about how to nail making my business not only financially successful but also emotionally because we all know how personal projects can be! I want to have fun and do well so wish me luck!
  2. Relaunch this blog as a totally vegan and sustainable living blog. This is something I’ve always struggled with. I have so many passions in life and always thought that it would be more fun to blog about anything and everything. Whilst it is, it’s true what EVERYONE says – you need a niche. No one wants to read about random stuff. They want to know what to expect from the blog and, right now, it’s all over the place! I might re-do the whole look or just tweak it, I’m not sure yet as I quite like it… but it is going to focus on vegan and sustainable life stuff only which is actually easier for me to plan and work on! Go figure! I’m not sure about the regularity of the posts yet but I’ll keep you in the loop!
  3. Regularly blog on my author website about writing stuff. Whether it’s about the books I’m reading, my writing process, or my current WIP I’ll be over there a few times a month just talking about stuff. I hope!
  4. Keep walking 10k steps a day – In December I realised I’ve put on a lot of weight. I think it had something to do with my mindset over the last 12 months but my whole body felt like it was working against me. I’m on a mission to do 10k steps a day (which I did all of December) just to keep my body moving!
  5. Really get back into eating better and moving my body more. Running, dancing, yoga, walking… I need to move to feel better. It’s therapy to me and I need to remember that.
  6. Finish my current WIP edits so I can query agents. I spent money on getting someone to proof it for me and got a fantastic author to help me with my query letter on Fiverr (Lauren DeStefano) and now I just need to sit down and put all the pieces together.
  7. Honestly? Take it easy more. I am always doing stuff but I want to chill out more. Be it read, play games, have massages, spend time with friends… 2019 was rubbish and 2020 has to be better!


I know I’ll have forgotten some goals I have but for now this will do. Let me know if you have goals this year – I love hearing what other people are up to!

Speak soon!





5 thoughts on “A whole new decade – let’s talk goals!

  1. I think you did pretty well on 2019 goals! I love the fact that you launched your second hand book shop, it’s such a wonderful idea and I wish you all the best for this new business! And of course with all you ther goals! Happy 2020! 😘

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