BIG projects, all the time!!!

I didn’t plan on posting to this account until January and that’s probably going to remain the case after this post, but as I have a good little following over here I wanted to give you all the details on WHY this blog is going to go quiet and, if you want to keep up with me elsewhere, tell you where you can find me online!


As you know, I’m a writer and I released a new book at the end of October. With a little bit of new attention on me and my writing stuff I decided to revamp my author website and, in trying to generate more traffic to it and my work, decided to start blogging over there! That doesn’t mean this blog will be disappeared. On the contrary. As of next year I’ll be running this as my lifestyle blog (vegan stuff, hair stuff, crafting etc) and will just keep all my writing stuff OVER THERE.

I really wanted to start blogging more about writing and had tried to implement it over here but, because it didn’t quite fit, I stopped blogging altogether due to feeling a big gap between who I am here and who I am as a writer. I’m human. I’m complex. But people don’t tend to like hugely varying blogs so I made a decision to build up my author website for the rest of the year and then schedule working on BOTH blogs in 2020. I am actually more excited about this than I realised because it’s probably how I should have done it from the start!


On top of writing and my 9-5 job I also started an online bookshop selling second hand young adult and children’s books. Because I LOVE WORKING. I don’t know why I’m such a workaholic but if I have nothing to do… I start a business?!

My life’s ambition is to be a writer and own a bookshop. I’ve always felt like admitting that is stupid because that’s everyone’s dream? The only thing that I realised made me different from everyone else is… I know I can do it. So I did. At the moment it’s just online but next year I’ll be taking it to local markets to be a bookstall and the plan is for that bookstall to transform into a real life brick and mortar shop. That is my ultimate LONG TERM plan, though. Don’t worry. The world will probably end before I get there but having something to work towards, like my writing career, really keeps me going!

I’ll pop back here in the new year, until then hit me up elsewhere (all linked in this post) and if you read this far why not tell me what your BIG DREAM plan is for life! Do you think it’s attainable?



One thought on “BIG projects, all the time!!!

  1. You did amazing on all your projects! I’m so happy you’re hitting these goals and you have my full support for the next steps! 😊 For me though, I still have no idea what is my big dream plan for my life 😂


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