Hi friends!

I have some very exciting news for you if you’re a reader and you enjoy urban fantasy books with lots of swearing and violence! I mean… who doesn’t?

My latest book title has been announced:

Seven Princes of Hell – Saul

And I’m very excited to let you know that it will be released on 31st October 2019!

If you’re signed up to my author mailing list you would have received the full synopsis and a link to pre-order the book – insider tip: the synopsis and link are also on my author website – but I also wanted to pop the information over here because I know, in this day and age, it’s hard to keep track of everything on every platform and also I’m told, as an author, I should be putting myself out there more (sorry, I guess?) so here it is:

There have been millions of attempts to classify demons throughout history.

Theologians have written dissertations in Christian demonology, occultism, mythology and magic to clarify the connections between these spirits and their influence on the human race.

Little did they know all they had to do was take a trip down to Hell’s Kitchen, New York.


The seven deadly sins. A curse we all carry, to be sure, but some more than others feel the pull towards dark tendencies.
Saul used to love that feeling – roaming the streets of New York with his brothers, each one of them as bad as they come. People knew to fear them, or at least hold onto their wallets when they were around, but something unexpected happened. Saul met Morgan and fell head over heels in love with her.

Now? He’s clean, he’s estranged from his troublesome brothers and his anger management is… managing. It might be always bubbling under the surface but as long as he isn’t burying his fist into some guys face as a hired heavy man he’s happy.

Happy, that is, until he gets a call that drags him back into the world he tried to leave behind, except now it’s darker, more violent, there’s a crazy girl trying to con him and a crazy cult out to kill him.

Get ready to meet The Seven Princes of Hell. Get ready to meet Saul.


If this sounds like you’re kind of book you can visit my Amazon author page (give it a follow on Amazon) and pre-order it! The cover reveal will be next week so stay tuned for that! If you’re not already why not follow my Facebook page and my insta account as that’s where all this magic will be happening in the next few weeks!



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