I’ve disappeared?!

Yep – pretty much! I’ve popped this blog to the side for the time being because this year is getting busy for me! With so much to do for some writing projects it’s hard to carve out time to post frivolous blog posts – despite the fact I love sharing silly little things with you all!

What am I working on? I’m currently preparing the first instalment of a new series I’m self publishing which will be revealed on my instagram feed soon enough and I’ll be sure to pop a post here once it’s out (if you fancy reading a new fun story and supporting me in my creative splurges), but I’m also preparing a book to be sent to agents at the end of the month which is taking up time not just physically but mentally. Editing is a mentally exhausting process and it really takes a lot out of me – is this just me? I am really enjoy the process at the moment but… I’m always just so tired after.

On top of that I also have to try to prepare for NaNoWriMo this year because I have a load of ideas for a new book and I need to pick one. And as always I’m working on secret projects which I can’t, at this moment, talk about. Why?

Let’s talk about me, shall we? I mean… we already are so, never mind I guess! Basically let’s shift gears and talk about fears! No, not fears… insecurities? I don’t know what to call it but for a long time I’ve picked up new projects and hobbies because I seriously love doing so many things but I feel like other people are sick and tired of me talking about something ELSE I’m doing… this might not be a thing that others think about me but, in my head, I worry that people roll their eyes every time I make a new announcement. For my current secret project I’m thinking about keeping it a real secret, or at least just not talking about it on my social medias? I feel like my ‘brand’ (lol) is already spread too thin and, at the moment, I’m even considering changing my instagram name so I’m not affiliated as a blogger anymore but just as a pretty thoughtful human being?

This blog post has been yet another ramble with no real direction – sorry about that! In the future I’ll post actual content when I come back to blogging!

If you don’t follow me on instagram – where I’ll be most active – do pop over and say hello!




2 thoughts on “I’ve disappeared?!

  1. It’s great that you’re so busy with writing projects !! Your blog will always be here anyway in case you feel the need/you have the time to pop on here 😊 I totally get this insecurity, but I’m sure people are more amazed at how much you do than bored of hearing you’re doing something else 😁

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