2019 Goals – Checking in

How is it already the middle of the year? I know people say that as you get older time seems to speed up but holy cow the last 7 months have zipped past. I’m trying to figure out how to slow time down but, whilst I’m doing that, let’s recap my 2019 goals and see how on track I am! (At the point of writing this I really have no clue!)

2019 Goals

  1. Read way more I read a lot last year and whilst I didn’t set a target, I knew I just wanted to keep my reading streak up. So far I’ve read a handful of books and whilst I might be reading slowly, I’m reading constantly and my TBR pile is making me happy. – On Track
  2. Write everything!YES. TO. THIS! I finished the first draft of my TV show pilot, I’m editing something at the moment for self publish this year and I’ve got a few other ideas for my NaNoWriMo novel this year. Over 20, you guys… I can’t stop the idea train. – On Track
  3. Play guitar moreI’ve been playing on and off but ever since we got a piano I’ve been obsessed with that instead (more on this soon!) – On Track
  4. Try to film videos for blogI’ve not managed to get videos filmed etc yet… I don’t think. But I have ideas for them; it’s all about getting time! – Falling Behind
  5. Blog about making stuff and books and all things I love! I’ve taken the pressure off myself to constantly create for the sake of it or just for the blog. I’m kind of on an emotional journey! haha! Trying to find that line between creating for myself and creating to share with others… On Track
  6. Learn a little bit of pianoI GOT A MF PIANO! So this is On Track for sure!  
  7. Take riding lessons – A big nope to this. It’s still on my bucket list of things to do but I don’t think this is going to be the year for it, mostly because it’s expensivo! –Abandoned 
  8. Go to Japan – This has been postponed to next year so at the moment it’s Abandoned but we are defo going next year as it will be on the way to my sister’s wedding… which apparently I have to go to! (this is a joke but also a test to see if she reads this!)


So there we have it. Most of my goals aren’t huge or anything but they’re really bringing me all the fun this year and moving my skill sets forward which is something I’m weird about. Look, if you aren’t constantly learning things what’s the point?!


Are you on track with your goals? Let me know!



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