The future of Pretty Thoughtful Blog

Hi Friends!

I feel like I post about the future of this blog a lot – like I always have grand plans to make changes and stuff in a thinly veiled attempt to keep it alive.

I’m not saying I’m killing it, by any means, but I have such a dissonance between the blog and my life it really stifles my passion to enjoy it fully. I used to use this blog as a way to keep writing (anything) a habit so when I was writing/editing fiction I could fall into it without feeling like I was out of practice. It worked… it works. I don’t feel any strain when I’m writing; there’s no attempt to elbow my way into a habit I want because the habit has formed, as required.

So why am I still blogging? Because I enjoy the silliness of it, mostly. I enjoy writing about my interests but I do often feel like this little slice of the internet is so messy. I’m a messy person in general, which I guess is why I’m a messy person here but I want to not be messy on the internet anymore because I think it’s confusing to people when they’re trying to figure out who I am, especially since what I really want to be doing is affiliate myself with the tag ‘author’, rather than ‘blogger’.


I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m going to keep blogging but I’m going to realign myself with my first love; writing. And my second love; reading. I want to write about my experiences as a writer and also show some love to indie writers as well by sharing books I read – don’t worry about all the other stuff though, I’ll still post about everything else! This is more of an additional blog boost than anything and I really hope you still find it all fun and enjoyable!

Thank you for always being cool readers and subscribers aaand for putting up with my nonsense pretty much all the time!



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