Planning with Trello!

First up, I want to say this is NOT a sponsored post or in any way an affiliate post – I say this because, these days, it’s hard to know whether people are being paid to talk about apps and businesses, y’know?

What this is, is just a simple honest-to-goodness post about an app that I find really helpful for planning stuff. I am a constant list writer and, whilst I prefer hand written lists where you get to physically tick off items as you go, having an app that helps me plan is so helpful.

I’ve been using Trello for just over a month but it’s actually not the first time I have tried to use it. Last year or the year before (because all years blend into one) I downloaded it onto my phone, thinking I’d love it… but I couldn’t get into it. I deleted it after a day, I think. What’s different this time? I started using it on my computer instead.


For me phones are just… not good for tracking things. The screen is too small. I hate text-typing. It doesn’t bring me joy! So the actual full website version of Trello is my cup of tea.

I’ll be honest; there are probably a million apps just like this – I also use another one for my actual job – but this one just feels right. You can make multiple boards; for example, I have a blog board as well as book projects, masterclasses I want to take, another writing project I want to keep separate, and op-ed planning. Within each board I have tabs which help me track things, add notes to and set times on so I don’t miss deadlines. I find it really simple and helpful and I also love that you can change the backgrounds of the boards which sounds kind of lame but I can’t deny I love changing backgrounds on my computer depending on how I feel!

Now that I use the website version, I find the phone app version helpful for planning on the go! I can add ideas to boards I’ve already made and just keep track of things better.


A little sneak peak of potential blog posts for this month!!

I love the drag and drop functionality for items, too. You can see from the picture above that I plan blog posts by writing little ideas and captions and I drag and drop these boxes into different months depending on how I feel. I also want to make sure all the content I put out doesn’t get too samey each month so I’m sure some of this month’s posts will be switched with posts I have planned for the next few months.

All in all, I’d highly recommend if you like to plan and make lists.

What do you think? Do you use a similar app or this one? Let me know!



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