DIY // Making Essential Oil Rollers

I don’t know about you but essential oils play a big part in my life; I tend to use them for cleaning, skin care, allergies and illness, air purifiers – basically everything I can. My favourite way of using them, though, is for total smell enjoyment. I know; sounds obvious, but that whole relaxation thing and using smells as a way to alter your mood is my jam. I have tended to buy blends from Neom (their de-stress roller is my go-to for best smell in the world) but sometimes you need to make your own blends for fun and also… because sometimes you can’t find blends for your particular needs in the shop.

Scents can be a very personal thing; remember that scene in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince where Slughorn says that Amortentia (the love potion) smells different to each person depending on what they find attractive? Essential oil blends, I find, are the same. You need to play around and find the ones you like best and after a lot of sniffing and sneezing I have found these to be some of my favourites:

  • Rosewood and sandal wood
  • orange and lemon
  • lemon and lime
  • mint and eucalyptus
  • grapefruit and basil
  • Vanilla and sandalwood

I’ve done you one further favour – I’ve made a simple DIY process, with pictures, showing you how to make them below. First, here’s a list of things you’ll need:

Carrier oil – I like to use olive oil because I really like the smell of it (or lackthereof?) but because of the light smell you might want to use something you enjoy to ensure your essential oil blends aren’t scuppered by an unwanted element. Apricot or almond oils are great because, whilst still scented, they can add a little sweetness that mixes well with most oils.

Essential Oils – The quality of your oils is SO important and you will have to do a good bit of research to make sure you get top quality products. A lot of oils are diluted and, therefore, lacking in all the great benefits you’re looking for. If the oils are cheap you can bet your ass they aren’t 100% in quality. I like to use Gya Lab oils, which range from about £8-£15 per oil depending on which one you pick but the quality is fantastic and they’re organic. My fave scent of theirs is Rosewood but Lime is amazing, too! If you like something sweet and a great all-rounder the Vanilla oil is comforting and hunger inducing!

Rollers – You can get rollers from most DIY shops or Etsy sellers. I got a bunch from Amazon because I wanted glass and couldn’t find any that suited my needs anywhere else but I am also lazy and probably could have if I’d looked harder or spent more time. I try not to buy too much from Amazon but I’m not a saint, so… these ones are good!

A clean dropper – this is so you can decant oils into small bottles without spilling. I’m all about reusing things I already own so I use a dropper from a bottle of oil I got a long time ago.


So what do you do?

It’s quite simple – the hardest part is deciding what scents you enjoy – but here we go:

Step 1 – add a mixture of essential oils to a roller ball bottle. I’d say 5-7 drops of your main scent and then 3-4 of your accompanying scents. You can usually tell what you like once you’ve mixed them and had a play around but there are some great resources out there which teach you all about the art of perfume and how to layer scents!

Step 2 – Use a clean dropper to syphon your carrier oil into the bottles until they are mostly full and use the dropped to mix it all up! I use olive oil because it’s cheap and doesn’t really smell (but I like that little bit of scent it gives off), it’s also light on your skin and doesn’t leave thick traces of excess oil.

Step 3 – Use the dropper to add a little bit of your mixture to your wrist and smell it! If you like it you can pop the lid on and away you go, or if you want to tweak the mixture you can continue to add drops of oil until it’s right for you.

Step 4 – This is totally up to you but you can use a label maker to add a name to your oil mixture! I created ‘destress’ and ‘refresh’ mixtures which are amazing!


I hope you enjoyed this! Don’t forget to tell me your favourite oil blend in the comments!


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