Masterclass: the app

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Masterclass but as soon as I saw an ad for it online I knew I had to buy it.

It was a big investment but, essentially, I view it as further education. I can’t afford to go back to university and get a Masters so… why not do masterclasses in topics I actually care about? To me a Masters qualification would be amazing. I was never studious at school, in fact, I was the total opposite. I never felt smart enough and that held me back a lot. Schools often focus on the really smart kids or the kids who obviously struggle but they tend to ignore the kids in the middle who can make their way through by the skin of their teeth.

Anyway, enough about that because I could talk about that a lot (and if you want me to talk about education and higher learning I am a huge advocate for both and would love to bore you to the high hills about it) but I want to talk about Masterclass.


It’s an app where you are able to download and take classes by actual people in creative fields. I’m not talking about random Joe Bloggs who started an internet company at 18 and is now a multimillionaire with nothing to teach anyone except how to have a ridiculous amount of privilege and lots of memeable quotes. I’m talking actual directors, photographers, writers, musicians…. I think you’ll find a class for most creative fields on the app and they are constantly adding to it.



I have been using it for a few months and, so far, feeling like I’m getting my money’s worth. I’m only partially through one class – writing for TV – and the amount I’ve learnt and the application of the lessons in my real life are incredible. Second to none. I doubt I would feel this fulfilled and inspired taking a class at a university, honestly. Because the teacher is a real life television creator and she talks from the point of view of someone who has worked her ass off to get where she is – that’s what I like. A lot.


There are so many other classes I’m excited to take this year – mostly writing but some music – that I know will give me insight and knowledge on subjects I would never be able to do in a normal school setting, and yet I feel like they are going to be far more valuable than getting a certified qualification. I do think that normal school methods and qualifications are helpful and will give you a step up when it comes to working but when it comes to furthering your education and knowledge the alternative paths of learning are far more beneficial. Of course, I’m only talking about myself here. I thrive in a learn-from-home setting. I enjoy it being my own personal experience, not to be shared with other people who often make me feel inferior (I’m not a great learning in normal settings and when put with people who are better in that setting, who are far more eloquent and quick-minded than me I deflate). I am my own cheerleader and peer. Without this app I would never have even thought about actually starting to write my first TV show, for real. I would have continued to jot down ideas but without a clue on how to really pull it together – forget about it! Now I’m almost done working on the pilot and my story bible is getting filled. My pitch is outlined and… eventually I think I might have a shot at selling it.



If you’ve ever seen it and wondered if it’s any good the answer is yes. It’s expensive but, if you’re like me and don’t go out drinking or spending willy-nilly, the cost for a year’s subscription works out well! Useful hint: share the login with a friend or partner. Cut the cost in half and you can both learn cool stuff together!!



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