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I usually hate writing blog posts promising things that people either don’t really care about or I possibly can’t keep up with, however, I’m feeling determined and create and trying to ride this wave as far as I can.

With that being said I recently decided I needed a blog plan. My current one is to try to write up to 3 posts a week but I stopped having time to do that a while ago and, ever since, have that back-of-the-mind guilt which is annoying and unnecessary!

I’ll never blog for a living and I don’t know why I think that I would want to, or ever be able to what with all my other interests and career goals.

So here I am – promising things that I can hopefully keep up with!

I’ll be posting ONE blog a week; there, I said it. It’s not exciting or in keeping with the idea that everyone seems to have about always producing content forever and a day or else they’ll cease to exist (the nihilist inside me just sighed with content) but it’s what I want to do. It gives me time to fit in writing and taking pictures in my regular life schedule and, basically, it makes me feel less anxious about life! Huzzah!

Another new and fun thing I decided to do was start up a monthly newsletter. I’d thought about it in the past but didn’t follow through for whatever reason (I honestly can’t remember), but if you’re reading this on my actual blog page and not in an email already (what’s up, email subscribers!) you might have noticed an annoying pop up asking you to subscribe! Do it! What it means is you’ll get a recap of the posts from the previous month and you’ll also get a little bit of insight into my none blogging month; think what TV show I’m watching and what Spotify playlists I’ve had on repeat. It’s just a fun way to stay connected and make it easier for those not in the habit of reading/checking blogs for new posts.

So I’d love it if you signed up (because I have an email ready and waiting to go out) and thank you, as ever, for reading this blog and supporting me in my silly efforts to keep up a writing habit. Whatever writing it is!


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2 thoughts on “Join My Monthly Mailing List

  1. I agree with blogging once a week or so — it’s what feels the most manageable for me. I have daylight time to take any pictures I need on the weekend and then write a little at a time during the week.

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