T-shirt addiction…

I have had an addiction to t-shirts since I was a kid. I used to buy them often and, when I started getting into making stuff, I’d make my own just for the fun of it. All different kinds ; movie based, drawings I’d done… My fave was one where I’d photoshopped myself, screaming, inside a t-rex’s mouth. Normal, y’know?

When I got older I always envisioned opening my own t-shirt store but that fell to the wayside. And then I started thinking about it again, just for fun. I put some designs up on society 6, but with them based in America and import charges to ship to the UK are ridiculous, I never really got into it. Recently, though, I found a website where they champion ethically made, organic t-shirts – teemill.

I had a play around and, on a whim, made a few designs – mostly so I could buy them myself, but then I figured I could at least tell you guys in case you wanted to buy them, too!

The first one I got was this one – not an original design, I’m sure… Or at least the sentiment, but I love it a lot.

Some of my other designs are cayooot and I’m gonna buy them soon, too…

Check out the shop and let me know what you think!



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