2018 Goals – Clocking out!

As every blogger does, I set myself goals each year; be they creative or otherwise, just to give myself something to work on through the year. Without a plan I just flail around and I wouldn’t do anything but sit on my sofa like a lump. This isn’t an exaggeration.

So before I hit you with my goals for 2019 (how are we in 2019? Wasn’t it only 2002 the other day?) I wanted to let you know how I got on with my tasks this year… also, I want to know. I’m writing this without looking at them so it’s going to be a fun surprise to go over them.

Let’s hit it:

Read at least 30 books – I just posted about this here! Whilst I didn’t hit 30 I was pretty close and I’m really happy with my reading game this year, for sure! I’m back in business! GOAL: ACCOMPLISHED 

Write two screen plays – Nope! I didn’t write them but I did make progress on a few ideas and I’m developing a TV show idea so I’ll say I failed this but at the same time I passed it because I have ideas, man… ideas! GOAL: FAILED

Finish edits on two stories I’ve been working on – Yep. I finished up a few things, writing wise, this year. It’s all good, baby! GOAL: ACCOMPLISHED

Keeping looking for an agent – I kept looking. No bites as of yet but I’m going to re-assess my query letter and also send out a new story in 2019 to see if I can get representation for that lil baby so the struggle continues. GOAL: ACCOMPLISHED


Yoga – To be honest I planned on doing yoga every day and never dreamed I’d make it to 6 months. I’m currently on day 360. In some way I have done yoga every day. If not a whole practice (for any reason) then breathing exercises or mindful meditation. To think I’m going into 2019 like this is wild. Onward and upward (dog). GOAL: ACCOMPLISHED 

Blog revamp – I did revamp it; I’ve added pages and redone my logo/header so all is well. I’m still not 100% happy with it but, at the end of the day, I can’t afford to buy the top tier membership to Wordpress because I don’t make money from this blog at all! GOAL: ACCOMPLISHED 

Photography – Yep. Done and done! I have taken so many more pictures this year, got a new camera, got a new lighting set up for taking pictures of things to sell. It’s all good! GOAL: ACCOMPLISHED

Music – I’ve played guitar a lot this year. I’m currently sitting here with it next to me so I can practice once I’ve finished writing this. I’ve definitely recorded stuff for fun and messed around with garage band more. Nothing good but I like playing around with it. GOAL: ACCOMPLISHED

Freelance copy writing – I couldn’t be bothered doing this in the end. It was all in the name of making a side income but I don’t have the time to try to do a second job so bah! Glad I didn’t do it! GOAL: FAILED

Road Trips – Total failure. I’ve been no where this year, if anything I was worse at this than any previous year. Oh well, you win some you lose some! GOAL: FAILED

Make time for friends – I don’t think anyone would say I’ve done a good job with this. To be honest, this has been my biggest downfall this year and whether it’s the reason I’ve had a bit of a crap time of it over the last 6 months or not I’m not sure but I’ve become a bit of a hermit. The problem is, I enjoy being alone A LOT. I’m an introvert and spending time with myself is my fave thing to do in the world but I know I’m missing out on a lot of things. 2019 might be the year I try harder… GOAL: FAILED

Etsy Shop – It’s open. It’s going well. New items are being planned. I’m currently selling pressed flowers but I’m going to be branching out (get it) to other things hopefully. GOAL: ACCOMPLISHED

Book stall business plan – This is something I put on hold on purpose. I want to start a book stall at my local market but, again, it’s a big deal and basically a second job. I am putting it on the back burner for when I’m older! GOAL: ON HOLD

Take long walks/hikes every weekend – I walk every day, without fail. I haven’t been doing the weekend hikes though so I’ll admit to failing this one! GOAL: FAILED

Keep on top of cleaning – I am better at this than I ever was. Recently I let it slip and I realised that when I do it makes me miserable so I picked it back up again. GOAL: ACCOMPLISHED

Play more games – Yes to games. Computer games are a current new-old obsession but I still want to play board games with people so if you’re local, hit me up. I have a lot!! GOAL: ACCOMPLISHED


I think there’s more green than red on this list so I’m really happy with how my year has gone in terms of goals. I’m also aware I set a lot of them and my 2019 goals are going to be a lot more paired down.

Let me know about your own goals – do you set them? Did you accomplish them? Are you setting yourself anything fun to do next year?




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