Books I love!

It should come as no surprise that I love books, I mean, I am trying to write them for a living!

My obsession with reading started early with classic Enid Blyton, Goosebumps and Point Horror fiction which led me to Young Adult and a lot of movie tie in novels… and, yet… I never blog about it?! I suppose I never wanted to try to muscle in on the well covered book blog world because the competition is fierce and I mostly only like to compete with myself (is this a gemini trait?!) but no more! I am going to start doing book recaps and reviews more often, especially since I have plans on reading a lot more next year.

So, before I begin all that I figured why not share some of my favourite books, like, ever? Let’s go!

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid BlytonThe Faraway Tree – A classic series by Enid Blyton. I have used to read this OFTEN as a kid and have even re-read it a few times as an adult, so much so that my book is kind of falling apart. The stories are great for kids but it’s also just fun and easy reading if you like reading children’s literature… like me. There are a few books just for the faraway tree but the series also has a great book called The Wishing Chair and, honestly, I used to love those stories so much I kind of need to re-read them ASAP.



Half Bad - Sally Green

Half Bad Trilogy – I borrowed these books from my local library this year and was blown away by the story. Yes, it’s young adult and about witches but it was so original and kind of brutal and complex. A really well written and original take on something that’s been written about a million times. Couldn’t recommend this series more! I can’t wait to re-read them next year. Yes. I do that.




HIS DARK MATERIALS written by Pullman, Philip, STOCK CODE ...

His Dark Materials – These are ‘children’s books’, yes, but the stories are so much more complex. Actually, if you read a lot of kids books you know that there are pretty much always very adult themes hidden within magical worlds – this series is no exception. It’s all about good and evil, life and death, and the idea of what reality means. I re-read these books often and always see different covers floating around which makes me want to buy them all but I shant… not yet, anyway… my house is too small. But when I move somewhere bigger you know I’m building a library ok?!

Harry Potter Box Set, Books 1-7 (Children's Hardcover Edit ...Harry Potter – I can’t not list these books and, as above, there are so many covers out there you could collect them forever! I am sticking with my originals, though, and the new illustrated versions because why not? I’m sure you know all about the series but if you haven’t read it I really think you should. Not only are the stories well told and the characters well written, they never get old.


Chaos Walking Trilogy – I got bought this series as a gift years ago and it instantly went to the top of my fave books list. It’s a young adult/fantasy/sci-fi kinda deal but it’s so unique and mind bendingly good that I’m always surprised to find not many people I know have read it! Great story telling and a great book for kids and adults!



Books Anonymous: The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen ...The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Total YA bible. If you’re into young adult books this is a must-read. Really I think it should be a must-read no matter what kind of books you’re into. It’s a great story of a teenage boy navigating school whilst being awkward and having mental health issues. The friendship element and the underlying story arc is what makes this a classic book. It hits on some very serious topics but if you’re open to reading something that might leave you feeling a little bit emotionally unwound at the end, give this a go.


covers for books: Wuthering Heights - The Mill on the ...Wuthering Heights – It’s actually very strange for me to have a ‘classics’ book in my list of favourites but ever since I read it for uni I have loved it. The first time I read it I wasn’t interested in it at all. I generally hate these kinds of books (I know, blasphemy) but I had to re-read it for a second time just days after my first read and I whizzed through it in a day and found I loved it the second time around. Maybe because I had gotten used to it and knew what to expect? I don’t know, but I honestly love how the characters are all different kinds of crazy and nasty. There are ‘themes’ throughout the book which make it interesting if you enjoy literature for literature’s sake but in terms of stories? It’s a corker!

Shiver Trilogy Boxset (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1-3) by ...The Wolves of Mercy Falls – Yes, we’re back to YA/fantasy books. I am a huge fan of werewolf stories and these books have stayed with me since the first read. They’re the sort of books which really paint a picture of a place, y’know? Heartbreaking, exciting, dramatic… they’re packed full of it. Another series I need to re-read next year, for sure.



Looking For Alaska – John Green – Tea Mouse Book ReviewsLooking for Alaska – If you haven’t read anything from John Green I recommend it, if you like bitter sweet young adult novels which focus on awkward boys, friendships and maybe a little too many MPDG (manic pixie dream girl) scenarios. I wouldn’t say his books are always amazing in terms of his portrayal of girls but, at the same time, I find it curious to read the romanticised version of girls that John holds in his head, tinged by his own nostalgia of childhood and the pains of growing up.



Tolkien Subject: THE HOBBITThe Hobbit – Can’t not have this in my list of favourite books. I both had it read to me and also read it myself as a kid and a fair few times after that! I have to say I’m not a HUGE fan of the film. I’ve only seen the first one and it didn’t make me want to watch the rest… but the book is so good! It really reminds me of reading as a kid and really being able to picture the whole thing in my head. I also enjoy trying to make up tunes for the songs they sing. Yes, there are songs. Read the book – you won’t regret it! (Another book where there are so many different covers it’s crazy!)


I hope this post didn’t bore you too much! I just love books. I’m planning on doing more book things next year so will probably set up a separate page for them, maybe… we’ll see. I’m also already putting together a post for books I want to read desperately.

What are your favourite books and do you re-read?



Low Key announcement: If you’re interested in books and you wanna show me some love you can follow my new but hopefully very exciting new project on instagram – bibliosmiabooks – I’m starting to post about books I’m reading/ want to read and will be offering a cool book list service for people who don’t know what to read next! Check it out!

(These are affiliate links so if you purchase anything based off this list I’ll get a lil’ kick back of commission; thank you!)

(Also, I only add Amazon links because I know that’s how a lot of people shop but, honestly, I’d be happier, if you did want to buy them, if you supported your own local book shop or even library!!) 


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